Get Daily FX Black Market Rates for $, £, € with Aboki FX App

Abokifx black market rates web app gives daily FX Parallel market rates for Dollar to Naira ($ to ₦), Naira to Euro (₦ to €) & Naira to Pounds (₦ to £) foreign exchange rates in the local (Lagos/Abuja) currency market.

Aboki FX just like is a free web app to get daily Dollar to Naira, Naira to Dollar ($), Naira to Euro (€) and  Naira to Pounds (£) foreign exchange rates.

It is created to ease the stress with getting accurate Naira to FX rates which was originated by the huge difference between the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) official Foreign Exchange (FOREX) rate and that of the parallel market.

This actually skyrocketed the foreign currency exchange rates and made the united states dollar (USD) a very scarce commodity for the Nigerian FX consumers.

AbokiFX gives Daily naira to FX black market rates

Banks were recently asked to source for foreign currencies by themselves to complement the meager amount given to them by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) which has obviously sky-rocketed the amount Nigerians spend when paying for goods and services abroad.

The developments have made it quite crucial to check for FX rates for major world currencies before carrying out fx transactions online or withdrawing with your Nigerian ATM card abroad.

Why Aboki Forex

Aboki Forex web app is quite different from other websites serving the same purpose in that it does not only give daily foreign currencies exchange rates but does so with popular locations and transaction channels in mind.

We are going to expatiate on some of the features that would make you fall in love with the super-awesome AbokiFX platform.

Daily FX Rates in Parallel Market

AbokiFX would normally capture the foreign exchange rate for Euro, United States Dollars (USD) and Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP) for morning, midday and evening.

Aboki FX lets you see Daily FX Black market rates

This ensures that you make no mistakes when you decide to transact in foreign currencies of choice. The rates for earlier days of the week is also accommodated on the platform to help you monitor the market trend and make an informed decision for larger transaction amounts.

The daily black market rates for FX tab is mostly divided into Lagos and Abuja respectively when there’s a significant difference in their exchange rates.

This will normally make it very easy to get Euro to Naira FX rate, Dollar to Naira FX rate and Pounds to Naira FX rate in a snap.

Daily FX Rate for Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

It is now very normal to get a different naira-to-dollar rate for international transactions when paying with naira dominated debit card.

Except you are operating a domiciliary account, you are going to be faced with the challenge of paying times two (twice) the official central bank of Nigeria (CBN) rate for any international transaction you do with your naira dominated credit/debit card.

Aboki FX app tries to ameliorate this by using a near-perfect metric to give daily ATM rates for popular banks in Nigeria, separating the highest and cheapest rates in the market.

AbokiFx gives black market rates for Naira to Dollar FX transactions

Before the advent of AbokiFX app, I normally call the bank’s customer service number to find out the current exchange rate for dollars or even go as far as placing a $1 order on Aliexpress platform to be double-sure of the Foreign exchange rate before spending huge on international transactions.

AbokiFX website has proven to be useful in this area as the automated teller machine (ATM) rates are usually updated on time.

FX Rates for Western Union Transactions

The app also plays an important role for those willing to send and/or receive money via the Western union channel.

Aboki FX app lets you see what rate transactions are done for Nigerian Naira (NGN) against the world currencies, to wit; United States Dollars (USD), United Kingdom Pound Sterling (GDB) and EURO.

western union naira to fx rates

Aboki FX Updates Official CBN Rates

Aboki FX website also have a tab for central bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) official rate for foreign currencies.

There’s also a tab to monitor the market trend and get abreast with what’s latest on ForeX, oil, market trends and the economy in general.

It also lets you get access to market analysis tools, currency exchange rates tips and sundry.

How to Use AbokiFx

AbokiFX just like every other popular web app is easy to use, all you need do is – visit their official webpage at and use the navigation boxes to get various rates as required.

There’s also a contact page to report issues to the developers of the website. Feel free to leave us a comment if there’s any challenge using the website or other products we have reviewed on this page.

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