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better robots.txt settings for any wordpress powred site

How to add robots.txt to WordPress without Using a plugin

Wordpress is now one of the most popular cms solution out there majority of blogs and website out there uses it. It is particularly a very seo-friendly platform which you can use to achieve...
6 most important wordpress plugins you might have missed

7 most Important WordPress Plugins

Why skip Installing this 7 most important wordpress Plugins in your blog or Website ? is the question I keep asking many of my recent clients whom I got to know via this top trusted...
tips for Writing Content For your Business Websites

Things to Consider Before Writing Content For Your Business Website

Here’s a fact: If you want to write effective content for your website that people would actually be interested in reading, you will have to work smarter than any other content writer on the...
how to add vertical social sharing Icon to a website

Floating Vertical Social Media Sharing Icons: How to add them to a website

Just one of those simple guides you will like to know about: "How to Add Floating Stylish Vertical Social Media Sharing Icons to a Website" effortlessly without breaking a single line of code. This...
place 4 ads in single horizontal width

Placing more than 4 different ads in same horizontal line and width

This is a short tutorial burn out of the high request by my loyal blog Readers asking about doing this in various cms powered websites.  Now lay hands on this short tutorial on Trick...
placing adsense for higher ctr without attracting a ban

How to Wrap Google adsense Unit around Post Body

This is my little 2013 simple trick on  Wrapping google adsense / other ads code around your post body, below the title in blogger , wordpress , smf , joomla , custom coded sites...