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best pc browsers

Top 10 Best Web Browsers For PC

A lot has changed from the early days of web browsing dominance by Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator alone. The good work carried out by the great tech heads at the ever-innovating Mozilla...
Top Best Cloud Storage Apps

Top 13 Best Cloud Storage Services and Apps

Here's our carefully selected list of top 10 Best Cloud Storage Services and best Cloud Backup Apps. Security, reliability, scalability and multiple operating systems (OS) support was used as a criteria while putting up...
the first first cell phone call

First Cell Phone Call: The Top 7 things to know About It

The mobile phone is also known as cellular phone or cell phone, everyone can make a call to people who is in another location. It is as a result of the new generation’s way...
addtoany social media share plugin for wordpress

Top 16 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress [6 Paid, 10 Free]

This is the third post we are writing about social media plugins, enhancements and/or tools. It is in our bid to answer questions and give tips to users that have contacted us (one time...
free and best social media sharing icon for all websites

Social Media Icons: Best 10 Free Social Sharing Button for Websites

Getting the best social media sharing icon can be a daunting task for most every day webmasters. No one can really underrate the effect of social media icons in modern websites and how much viral...
best internet browsers for mac

Top 10 Best Internet Browsers for Mac

Having a Mac is not enough if you can’t even browse the internet right? For your Mac experience wouldn’t be that complete without those latest web browsers out there, you might want to check...