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stop human spammers

How to Stop Bots Registration and Link Spamming on SMF Forums Quickly

Bots and human spammers are a big problem for many large forums. Some forums have resolved to the use of complicated methods such as; manual approval, difficult captchas, and long questions to combat these...
Best Essay writing tips

Reasons Why Essays are Crucial for Students in College

One of the biggest questions many students ask themselves is, why do they have to do so many pieces while at college. As a student, you may think that it may not be the...
cocospy phone tracker app features

Cocospy Review 2019: a Flawless Phone Tracker App?

Cell phone trackers or spy apps as they are popularly called are suitable for everyone including parents and employers of labor. They do an excellent job in helping people monitor other people's activity on...
Apps to View Snapchat Stories without the other Person Knowing

7 Apps to View Snapchat Stories Secretly

Usually, when you view other people's stories on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp, they'll know you viewed them. On the other hand, for privacy or personal reasons, you may...
Best Sites To Watch Anime Movies Online Free

10 Best Sites To Watch Anime Movies Online Free

The trend for anime movies is continuously on the rise. Today, a lot of people are desperate to stream anime movies online free, and so we are providing a list of the top best...
How to use Brightday software

Brightday AI Posture Improvement Software Launches on Kickstarter

Posture improvement, even though underrated is something that should matter to everyone that uses the computer often. A lot of gadgets, specialized chairs, and customized appliances has been dedicated to this in the past,...