Xfyro ORION Review: A Good Waterproof Wireless Speaker for Travelers?

Portable speakers are increasingly becoming important as their functions have increased over time, thanks to technology evolutions. Gone are the days when portable speakers were just for connecting and playing of media files. Now, speakers come with more smart...

Anker SoundCore A3 Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review: Small, but Efficient

Recently, I enrolled for a Chinese language learning course (HSK) that requires a good headset and/or any other quality audio gadget to help with their proficiency tests. Having had other heavier audio equipment in the past, I decided to...

Mercury SW5200U Sub Woofer Speaker Hands-on Review

Mercury SW5200U Sub Woofer System Multimedia Surround Speaker is the latest electronic gadget in my hands, all thanks to black Friday and cyber Monday deals. I knew quite well 'twas an old product before going for it, all I needed...

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