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We know how important targeted traffic could be to a website, company, and businesses. We also know how difficult it could be at times, getting only high quality and targeted visitors to your websites.

Brand promotion via trusted bloggers and authority blogs will definitely do your company and organization a great favor even in many-a-years to come. All articles posted on this blog will always remain even when most businesses are folding, this means that our recommendations will always stand the test of time.

We have so much belief in quality over quantity, hence our offering you the opportunity to reach out to our audience and visitors that might be interested in what your company, brand, or business has to offer.

We have made several media available for your advertisement and brand promotion, few among these options include and not limited to;

1. Sponsored Posting:

We have several contents that are quite similar to what your company provides, you can choose to sponsor one of these contents or submit a new post that will be quite relevant to our readers and promotes your brand via blog posts and product mentions.

We accept sponsored posts only when they are relevant to the tech field and written with the English audience in mind. In rare cases, we can provide such content to you or re-write your provided samples. We can also hire the services of freelance writers and translators to put up your content in clear English language if they are in other languages.

Terms for posting on

  • The article must be of high quality and mustn’t be published elsewhere
  • The post or submitted article must be 97% original and Copyscape passed
  • The lifespan of any promotional (sponsored) link defaults to 1 year
  • You’re allowed to discuss with us first about the resources you are promoting to check if it’s acceptable by us or allowed for publication on

2. Banner and Text Advertisement:

We’ve got enough space for you to place and advertise your company and businesses via banner and text links. The banner, media, and text links could be site-wide (all pages)  or just on our homepage.

We accept all banner sizes and would advise you to contact us first for further negotiation. All video and banner adverts are expected to be clear and of high quality.

Note: We only advertise legal businesses; the type we can recommend to family and friends.

3. Sponsored Reviews

Normally we do review products we have tried or have access to how they work. In the cases of giveaways, the ratings are done via random info collected amongst our editorial team or users from forum and discussion boards.

In a situation where any particular company or organization wants us to review a product against our normal time and schedule, we normally charge for it.

Some products may even be very new to us and would need us to either install it or do some other stuff to prove it really works.

Editorial Note

Note that the info contained herein binds,,, the sub-domains, and every other website that’s partnering with them.

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