12 Easy Ways to make your phone charge faster

Mobile devices are our closest companions. They help us a lot in our daily activities and as such, no one would like to spend the whole day charging his/her device. So in today's guide, I'll be sharing these 12...

Tecno Camon C9 Review, Specification and Features [Giveaway Edition]

Tecno Camon C9 was carefully selected for this giveaway because it was launched between June/July; the birth month of one of our editors. It  is proudly sponsored by Obasi Miracle, a senior editor for 3rd Planet Techies.As noticed, the...

First Cell Phone Call: The Top 7 things to know About It

The mobile phone is also known as cellular phone or cell phone, everyone can make a call to people who is in another location. It is as a result of the new generation’s way of communication.Here is the top...

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