First Cell Phone Call: The Top 7 things to know About It

The mobile phone is also known as cellular phone or cell phone, everyone can make a call to people who is in another location. It is as a result of the new generation’s way of communication.

Here is the top 7 things about the First Mobile Phone call that you probably never heard before. I decided to keep it straight and succinct.

1. Weight

Mobile phone before is weighing 4.4 pounds or 2 kilograms. In today’s new generation, you will never want to use it for sure.

This is quite large a size, when compared to mobile phones of today. Just imagine yourself receiving a phone call with a device of this weight.

2. Radio-telephone

The description of the mobile phone before when it comes to size is very different in today’s technology. Before they said that it is a pocket size cellular phone while in reality it is not. It is much bigger than the usual telephone.

3. First mobile phone call place

The first cell phone call was received by an adventurous fellow that traveled to Colorado from his home town in Iowa, the call he received was from his loving father.

4. Number or SIM

The earliest cell phone, through which the first phone call was made neither have a subscriber identity module (SIM) nor a mobile number.

The use of SIM card and uSIM was introduced in the late 60’s, but of course this is very different from what you are imagining now.

5. The first handled mobile phone

In 1973, the first cell phone was introduced by Motorola. It is when the first automated cellular network was launched in Japan.

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6. Sound and Messaging

As time passed, the quality of the sound is very different from the mobile phone before, audio enhancing has been developed for the new cell phone.

The quality of the phone call is much clearer than later years. And as the technology continues to grow, newer mobile phones also include text messaging. It is a way of sending messages at the speed, it is a replacement from sending letters that usually take like ages to get to the target.

7. 2G and 3G technology

the first first cell phone call
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2G is considered as the second generation of cell phone, it was launched in Finland. After 10 years, the third generation has been launched, to be exact it is in the year 2001 and continuous to develop.

By the year of 2009 it is cleared that the 3G networks for mobile phones would be overwhelmed by the growth of intensive applications like streaming media.

The mobile phone is part of people’s life. The technology today keep growing in order to make things easier for everyone.

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