Offer: Get Quick Promotion or Mention on Top Tech Blog Sites

We are offering you the chance to get solid promotions or product mentions from top tech blogs for nothing. The free promotion offer is going to stay for the blog’s lifetime.

This offer is opened to tech bloggers, non-blackhat SEO specialists, freelancers, and tech ardent. There is a little task (details below) to complete to qualify for this.

How to Qualify?

Normally, we do not sell links that passes link juice as it contradicts the Google quality webmaster’s guidelines but will reward your efforts accordingly.

The steps to complete for the 3 free promotion offer from our tech blogs is outlined below.

1. Hands-on Video review

This is the easiest method to qualify for this offer. All you’d need to do is, make a unique video review (not already on YouTube or anywhere else) of your recent modern electronic gadgets such as; self-balancing electric scooters, smartphones, tablets, PCs, PDAs, Smartwatches, etc.

State the specification, complete features, and first-hand experiences of the reviewed item in your video and upload it to any of the best free cloud storage services.

Send the download link to any of our editors via the contact page and expect our approval message within 48 hours. Once approved, your preferred link will go live on the selected tech blogs.

Note that, you’ll normally lose the right to share the videos elsewhere once it is accepted by our editors.

2. Video Tutorials

This is the second method to qualify for this free offer. It involves making a unique how-to, DIY instruction, and/or tutorial videos and sending the same to our editors using the tips above.

Once approved for publication and editorial credits, your preferred link will go live on the selected tech blogs.

Template examples for the how-to Videos we accept

  • How to unlock an iOS 8 device
  • How to jailbreak an iPad
  • How to crack a customized USB modem
  • How to root Samsung galaxy note 10
  • How to install Android on iOS devices and etc.

3. Tech Videos

This is another method to get accepted for this offer. Make a unique video on tech products, tech insights, and comparisons.

Submit to a good cloud storage service provider and get in touch with our editors for approval. Once approved for publication, you’ll get the free product or brand mentions and lose the right to share the video elsewhere.

Points to Note

  • The list of the three (3) tech blogs for the free brand or product mention will be disclosed to you upon request
  • We’ll create 3 unique posts (to be submitted to the blogs) for each video we approve
  • You can choose to link to a post of choice or send your own contents
  • All the links and resources must be tech or related to tech in a broad sense

For more queries, use the contact page of our website.