Flawless Migration

We’ll migrate websites, forum, blogs and apps from one web host to another without messing around with them.

We employ the best tools and medium when carrying out our professional migration services. We guaranty ZERO downtime during and after the migration.

What to expect?

With over 5 years experience on Linux and website management, our team of experts will do a migration service that leaves you with absolutely nothing to worry about.

For every migration service we do for you, we’ll deliver with it a –

  • Full backup of your website before migration
  • Full backup of your website after migration
  • A Cloud copy of your website files, database and directories (for WordPress CMS site and blogs)
  • 30 days free maintenance and support

With our professional migration services, you’ll not have reasons to leave your business, website and blogs at the mercy of randoms tools that promises automated migration – but delivers “missing images”, “error 505”, prolonged downtime and many other problems.

We will take care of the database transfer, email accounts maintenance, custom functions and resolving of all technical challenges that comes with moving to a new hosting environment.

What More?

Our expert will setup your website to load faster with a proper caching solution, secured with proper Apache hardening tweaks and configured to suit your website needs.