How to add mailchimp form to blogger, wordpress, Joomla & etc.

Simple tutorial on how to add a customized mailchimp newsletter opt-in subscription form to blogger , joomla , wordpress, smf, drupal and any other website at all without the need of a plugin. Just a day after using the mailchimp...

How to Completely Hide your WP/cms site’s Theme Info From Public Eyes

If you think this information is infringing on any ones right let us know in the comments below. I design custom themes and know how difficult it is coming up with one half a decent one. My graphic designer...

CMS Alternatives to WordPress and Joomla: Top 10 Free, Secured Options for You

This is no longer news that more than 3,000 joomla & wordpress hosted sites get hacked weekly by some malicious individual who derive great pleasure in dis-annulling people efforts . While there is no known permanent means to stopping hackers...

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