Top 20 Cheapest Laptops for College Students

It is essential to have a laptop/notebook as a college student, it will help maximize your learning potentials and also get you acquainted with the innovations that come up on a daily basis. A laptop will help you handle...

Specs, Features and Price-list of Latest Acer Laptops in Tech Stores

Acer Laptops are relatively cheaper than that of Dell and HP, but falls within same price-range as Lenovo and Asus PCs. Today's post is focused on the price-list of latest Acer laptops in tech stores. But before going to...

Oppo Smartphones Intro: Specs, Features and Prices of Oppo Devices

China do have a good number of  OEM  manufacturers of Android devices, although many of them aren't that popular in continents like Africa and the Americans.OPPO is among the few with a wide coverage and high rate of acceptability...

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