How To Ensure Online Security by Managing SSL Certificates

We all have certificates. Certificates attest to a specific fact as, well, fact. If you have a first aid/CPR certificate, you’ve been taught and verified by a trainer that you can practice first aid/CPR. For laypeople, that makes sense....

Avast Internet Security License Giveaway: 20 Licenses to be Won

There's no better time to do an internet security license giveaway than now. New security threats are launched every day with some penetrating even the most robust security setup. Avast Internet Security was created for stubborn threats such as the...

Ransomware Protection Tips and InfoGraphic on Combating Malicious Viruses

The issue of ransomware, malware, viruses and cyber attack is not new to the tech world as many deadly viruses has been distributed in the past. In fact, railer odinga virus wrecked some machines as  far back as 2000s when...

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