How to Wrap Google adsense Unit around Post Body

This is my little 2013 simple trick on  Wrapping google adsense / other ads code around your post body, below the title in blogger , wordpress , smf , joomla , custom coded sites & other cms websites without attracting a ban.

placing adsense for higher ctr without attracting a ban
Little did I know that this legal tricks works like hell for increasing your adsense / any order ads networks service earning in blog or similar blog services . It is against google adsence terms and services to fool your users by not letting them know that what you have in there is an advert or practically hiding the “ads by google” link via css cheat / tricks ….. black hat adsence gurus may not tell you this lines ‘cos they wanna sell their books irrespective of it’s effect on your adsense account .

Practically not every body uses adsense for monetizing their blog some bloggers that targets mobile users uses only admob why majority of other bloggers uses other popular adnetworks like yahoo bing ads services , , , , and snowmotion. which explains my reason for not tagging this article for adsense alone . First you already know the ads service that best works for you. log in to your ads provider’s dashboard ==> from the publisher’s session and create any adds format of your choice .

For the purpose of this tutorial on wrapping your ads within your post body only or just below the post title  of the single post in your blog we will be dealing with most popular and always converting ads format like 180*200 , 200*200 , 250*250, 300*250 , 336*280 ads format since they suits best for this position (under post title wrapped around post body)  .

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After creating your ads code paste it in notepad (notepad 1) and visit this link (link opens in new window ) to convert your already created ads code n/b it doesn’t matter if your ads is in php, JavaScript or plane htlm just convert it with the link provided above by pasting it in the box that looks like what we have below.




Remember to replace your notepad (notepad 1) content with this new add code you 've gotten after parsing the code for us to now have notepad 2 (parsed advert code)'cos that's what we are gonna use in the preceding steps  ….

After converting your ads code just move ahead to the final steps. after copying the already converted (parsed) code (into notepad 2 to avoid errors )

For blog

1.  Login to your blogger account and go to design > edit html >make sure you check the box “expand widget template” and move on to the next step

2. Press ctrl+f  (find) on your keyboard and search for


3. Open another notepad (text editor ) and paste the code below inside to have let’s say notepad 3

<!-- Begins here -->

<b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'>


your parsed advert code here



<!-- Ends here -->

4. copy the contents of  notepad 2 (your parsed ads code )to replace this lines “your parsed advert code here" in notepad 3 to have notepad 4 

practically your final adds code (notepad 4) should look like this 

<!-- Begins here -->

<b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'>


&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;
ch_client = &quot;Liveencyclopedia&quot;;
ch_width = 300;
ch_height = 280;
ch_type = &quot;mpu&quot;;
ch_sid = &quot;Chitika Default&quot;;
ch_color_site_link = &quot;ffffff&quot;;
ch_color_title = &quot;0000CC&quot;;
ch_color_border = &quot;FFFFFF&quot;;
ch_color_text = &quot;000000&quot;;
ch_color_bg = &quot;FFFFFF&quot;;
&lt;script src=&quot;; type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;



<!-- Ends here -->

the color in red is your parsed code while :

the color in black is the css that tells it to wrap around the body by aligning it to the left

5. Place your final code immediately above  the first :


for regular blogger themes or immediately above the second :


for custom blogger themes with the read-more cheat 

For self hosted blog, smf and other sites / cms 

wordpress: just copy your preferred  ads format preferably 300*250 and paste it under “post title ” using “quick adsense plugin” or wrap around the body with same plugin too .  Genesis and thesis or even some premium themes users do not need any plugin to add their code simply use the integrated adds option that comes with your premium theme under theme options or use simple hooks for the genesis framework  .

Wrapping your adsense / adverts codes around text / article body in smf  requires no form of technicality just create your ad code using either format 200*200 or 250*250 >> Install an smf mod called “google admod” preferably the latest version of it and paste your ads code inside >>> tick the box that says only in first post for google and adsense or ignore the box for any other service that allows more than 3 ads per page (eg. custom ads you would like to show in every post and replies )

Save your settings to have your ads up and running .

For other custom coded / Dreamweaver sites and cms just locate where you want your ads to appear and use the css code below to align it to the left so as to have it wrapped around your site content  . use this code

<div style=”margin:auto; text-align:left;”> your adverts code here </div>

Known Issues: Problem working with custom blogger templates with the readmore  tweak

solution: paste the content of notepad 4 in the second  


instead of the first one


Here comes the bonus part that prevents your account from getting banned :

Pay keen attention to this very part. The tutorial you have just read was an old trick I have written long ago, It shouldn’t just work like that now that google bans adsense account mercilessly without giving you a choice.

So If you must use the above trick, you need place these adds explained above using the css code below, here is what this css code does ;

  • Alerts your users that it is an advert without discouraging them from clicking on it
  • Helps your users to trust your judgement (not deceiving them )
  • Helps google and other potential advisers to trust you more
  • It separates your contents from the adverts yet making it very appealing to your readers

Here is the css code to wrap the ads with

<div align="left" style="width:250px; padding:5px; background: #ffffff;">
<p> Advertisement You might like</P>
<p> Your google adsense code here </P>

you can change the advertisement title to any one of your choice, then replace the other one with your advert code.

N/b it is only google adsense that has this strict rules, you can simply remove the first paragraph for other ads publishing services.

what’s your thought on this ? Kindly respond please……

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  1. My friend,I am back to say thanks. The quick adsense worked like a charm. I was using advertisement management but after trying the quick adsense, I had to trash that one.

    Thanks once again

    • Huh, That was awesome bro, Just wishing I could always jeep providing better tips. Thanks for dropping by though

  2. Hi Obasi,

    Thanks for this. I will book mark this page and use it in a couple of days.

    • Thanks for dropping by Dan Dollars, Hopping to get more of your feedback

  3. Super cool tutorial bro, but please I’d like to know how to add adsense LINKS ads inside post body i.e Middle of post… Thanks

    • quick adsense plugin has an option for that else you can easily do it from your single.php file

  4. Ibrahim Abdul G Ibrahim Abdul G

    I will try it with my ads, I scared if using Adsense. Thank you for sharing.


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