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Top 16 eCommerce, Classified Ads Sites in Nigeria For Online Shopping

This post is obsolete. Read our new post on Top 8 Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria instead.

You want to  buy stuff from the internet (shop online From Nigeria)? or place free classified Ads as a Nigerian ? Look at this trusted websites Below they will help you get your business , sales item, adverts and goods known and delivered to the public

e-commerce and classified adds website in Nigeria

For the vast global majority  Epay.com is popular as well as amazon.com but since this giant companies restrict or gives  limited access to Nigerians (and some other countries)   they no longer serve as the generally accepted option for it’s massive Populace .

While this list is not limited to Nigerians alone as most of this sites can be used by anyone but they have several competitive payment options that makes it comfortable for Nigerians. The comfortable payment options that comes with the under-listed sites includes and not limited to

  • Atm card & Bank transfer
  • E-wallet & Online Transfer
  • Nigerian Master Card  & Credit Cards
  • Direct Bank Deposit etc.

I will be listing some trusted and popular ones  while you add yours as the list continues

1. http://www.tradestable.com.ng/    =>> Trades table
2.   http://www.google.com.ng/local/trader =>> Google trader
3. http://dealfish.com.ng/   ==> Deal Fish
4. http://www.aliexpress.com/  ==> Alibaba Express (foreign but accepts Nigerian Cards)
5. http://www.kasuwa.com/   ==>> Kasuwa
6. http://dealdey.com/  ==>> Deal Dey
7. http://www.nairalist.com/  ==> Nairalist
8. http://chrisvicmall.com/ ==>> Chris vicmall (New to the fold)
9. http://www.nairaoffer.com/ ==> Naira Offer ( A sort of fivrr.com)
10. http://www.wippypick.com/ ==>> Wippy Pick
11. http://www.walahi.com/
12. http://www.halanow.com/

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13. http://www.olx.com.ng/   ==>> Olx

14. http://second.com.ng/

15. http://www.demandfinder.com/

16. http://www.jumia.com/   ===> Jumai

You can easily populate this list by adding other trusted sites  via the comments

Update! April 2015 – This post was written far back in 2013 when this blog was still new in the picture, kindly note that this list is now very much obsolete and doesn’t represent a kind of recommendation from us.

We will notify you about our opinion about Nigerian E-commerce (online shopping) websites and companies and list of the best and legitimate ones among them once we make a post on that.


  1. You have done a good job Obasi, however, Olx has been bought by Jiji and Mobofree is no longer in existence, there are couple of new ones now such as dino.ng, Olist, etc. Try to check them out and update.

  2. You have compiled a very good list, kindly add dino.ng to it, it’s one of the fastest growing classified ads sites in Nigeria, and I think it’s worth being on the list.

    Thank you.

  3. i think afrideals is one of the best Nigeria classified website because it is easy, fast and reliable.
    you can check it out yourself.

  4. Nice one bro…..add Sella Nigeria to the list too. The only free classified ads website in Nigeria that protect buyers from getting scammed using escrow service.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for a valuable article.We have a best free classified portal called as kuchbee,which occupied a leading market place.Here we can post a free classified ad with out any registration.Apart from that we can buy or sell any goods online directly by dealing with publisher.

  6. Thanks for this valuable article. The drawback in some of these classified website is that your ads is not allowed to include website link.
    OLX is a very viable site to place ads.

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  8. Classified adds are the well known source for generating backlinks and increase in number of visitors for an online business. I would like to thanks for sharing the useful list of classified adds.


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