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the difference between shared hosting and vps

Difference between VPS and Shared Web Hosting

This comprehensive guide will clear all possible ambiguity concerning VPS and shared web hosting plans or services. Questions such as; What’s the Difference between VPS and Shared Web Hosting ? is clearly solved in this complete...
prevent whatsapp from connecting to the internet automatically

stopping whatsapp from auto-connecting to internet on Nokia S40 / S60

Tricks to stop whatsapp from auto-connecting to the internet on Nokia S40 (Java Phones)  and Nokia S60 (Symbian Smartphones) -: This little tutorial will be very handy for most students who hardly enjoy 6hrs ...
6 most important wordpress plugins you might have missed

7 important wordpress enhancement tweaks you must know

This brief tips on 7 most important or Recommended wordpress enhancement tweaks you must know isn't  an authoritative recommendation at all but rather an opinion of a pro-wordpress user who have read thousands of tutorials...
placing mobile adds unit in mobilepress and responsive themes

How to Insert Mobile Ads Unit in mobilepress – WordPress

Inserting Mobile Advert Unit in mobilepress / Responsive Wordpress themes Powered blog or website is a tip I was moved to share after getting many a few request from our steady readers who accesses this...
Customizing arras premium wordpress theme

Arras Theme: How to add & center-Position image logo

Most Entertainment bloggers are beginning to look into something somehow custom for their news, entertainment, music and video blogs unlike the majority who chooses to leave everything at the default. The arras Free Premium...
top3 software for remote access

Top 3 Remote Access Software

Who needs remote access to other computers? Hackers do! Of course, these are not only hackers. Sometimes, people need remote access to computers to help each other solve problems. Sure thing, it is easier to...