4 Best Camera Apps For Android: Best Shots Ever

When A Moment is missed, it is missed forever.When A Shot is not making sense, a moment is missed and means something is missing..Lol. Below are 4 Best Camera Apps For Your Android Phones.

Taking pictures with our Android phones most times can be frustrating especially when you have to beat the weather condition so as to get the perfect moment and so many other random stuffs, but the truth is,with the right apps on your phone, you can get more than what you expect.
Below are 4 Best Camera Apps you can us on your android phone for a perfect shot.These were picked base on how clear and pimped pictures taken with turned up to be.

1. Open Camera

When you want a lightweight and fast camera app, Open Camera is the best choice out there. It’s completely free and contains almost all the adjustment options you might need, such as manual focus, ISO and exposure time (assuming you have the Android 5.0 Camera2 APIs, which come with Android Lollipop).
What’s particularly great about this app is that it has a widget you can add to your home screen, which will open the app and taken a picture with a single press. This is useful if you need to quickly grab a picture of something without needing it to look great. Otherwise, the options provided in the app will help you get your pictures looking just the way you want.

2. Google Camera

Google’s own camera app offers a clean and simple interface with few manual settings (no ISO, white balance or filters, for instance). It has Photo Sphere and Panorama modes, which work on a fun follow-the-dots mechanism, and Lens Blur, which creates a depth of field effect by taking a photo and then having you slowly raise your device – the app takes in from there, creating a blurred background for the object of focus to stand out against.
The results with the Photo Sphere setting range from interesting to very impressive. When it works perfectly, you end up with a seamless 360-degree photo you can move your screen to look around.
The app does seem to have a variety of problems on various devices, with many users reporting frequent crashes, but it’s worth giving it a go, because it can produce some great results when it works right.

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3. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam isn’t the most user-friendly camera on our list. Despite its often minimal layout, it takes a while just to learn which menu you’re in. But it is one of the best Android camera apps thanks to the amount of customization it offers, and the quality of its adjustments.
VSCO Cam combines a camera with editing and sharing functions to provide an Instagram-like experience, only more powerful. While it doesn’t house a one-click ‘beautify’ option, it more than makes up for it with its premium temperature, tint, contrast and sharpen gauges.

4. A Better Camera

A Better Camera is basically what it says it is: a superior camera app to the standard Android ones. A Better Camera brings a number of interesting features, including Bestshot, which takes a number of photos in succession and then provides you with the least blurred, most impressive one. It’s a simple idea but it works incredibly well.
A Better Camera also includes immediate post-processing, something that is absent in the camera apps from Sony, Samsung and co, and you can record video with real-time HDR. Unfortunately, many of the app’s best functions are only available via in-app purchase, so A Better Camera sometimes feels a bit like an annoying free-to-play game at times.
However, if you take a lot of pictures, and are happy with a little investment, A Better Camera certainly lives up to its name — and more camera apps should make use of its slide-out grid gesture.

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