Peach: A New Social Networking App Different From Facebook Comes to Android

As usual, one would be thinking that the social networking fields is filled up and hence does not require more. If you are thinking this way,you might be wrong as Peach debuted at this year’s CES as an iOS-only messaging app that sought to differentiate itself from the Facebooks and the Twitters of the world. Instead, it’s more of an instant messenger. And now it’s available for Android.Peach is an Android App that does not have News feed  unlike it’s competitors and the likes.
Peach comes from a Dom Hoffman, co-founder of Vine. The app provides users with a supposedly more lively way to communicate with their friends relative to simple texting. Certain words, so-called magic words, bring up contextual information. Typing “weather” shares the weather, while “move” inserts how many steps taken today. You can share GIFs using “gif,” doodle something with “draw,’ and decide who has to cover the meal this time by typing “dice” to roll a virtual dice.
You have a profile page, and you can make posts to it like on any other social network. Consolidating everyone’s messages onto each others’ screens just isn’t a focus for Peach. It’s too for that. You communicate specifically with the people you take interest in. Like an instant messaging client, your friends list is your home screen.
So…? Start Peaching…


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