The 5 Best Sports Games For Android Phones

In our modern age, most people spend a lot more time inside on their phones and computers than they do outside playing sports. And why? Well because playing sports is tiring and makes you sweaty.

On the other hand, what if you enjoy the feeling of playing sports but prefer to enjoy the thrills from the comfort of your home and handset? Luckily the Android App Store is full of sports games to scratch that itch. Here are five of the best:

New Star Soccer

Price: £1.99

This game has you becoming a football player as you manage your rise to fame. This includes practising to improve your abilities, playing tactically in matches and attempting to impress your coach in order to get more playing time.

You also have to manage your money in order to buy better gear or you could act like a real footballer and blow it all at the casino.

Sadly, the simulation isn’t quite perfect since you can’t get embroiled in any sex scandals or yell racial slurs at anyone.

Flick Golf

Price: £0.69

There are Flick apps for just about every sport imaginable but Flick Golf is one of the most successful, probably because the basic action of swinging a golf club at the ball fits so easily with touchscreen controls.

The three courses in the game look very impressive and the quest for a rare hole-in-one will turn the game into one of the most addictive things on your phone.

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NFL Pro 2013

Price: Free

Now I’ll readily admit that I know nothing about American football but the game is free and it’s always fun to make virtual people hit each other, especially with the nice graphics and smooth animations the game offers.

If you actually know anything about the NFL, you can enjoy selecting your favourite from the 32 on offer. Plus, understanding the rules will help you use the various plays and moves that the game has in a way that is actually useful as opposed to simply picking the one that injures the most people.

NBA Jam by EA Sports

Price: £3.78

The reasons for the oddly specific title is that there is already an NBA Jam game on Android but it’s a puzzle game with misspellings in the synopsis. This game takes the noble sport of basketball, decides to only have four players on the court, allows them to elbow each other to the floor and, of course, dunk the ball so hard that it spontaneously bursts into flames.

Basically, it gets rid of every rule in basketball, leaving a game that is quite simple but extremely fun just because of how over-the-top everything is.

Pool Break Pro

Price: £1.19

Ah, pool. While darts is the sport for the lazy and drunk, snooker is the sport for the lazy and well dressed.

(Yes, I realise that pool and snooker are different games but the app has both, so shut up)

If you are looking for a light-hearted game to play while waiting for the bus, this is not the game for you. Pool Break Pro is an alarmingly in-depth pool simulator, allowing you to walk around the entire table in first person to work out the angle before taking your shot.

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The physics are realistic and every shot is tracked by white lines that can quickly end up creating scenes of intensely complex geometry across the table.

These games are some of the best around but really, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. So buy a 16gb micro SD card, fill it with as many sports games as you can and stay home, enjoying all the best things about sport without having to get cold or wet or move in any way.

Have I missed out any of your favorites?

Post made possible by Robert of All Terrain Cycles.

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