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How to Stop "Data Usage" Messages From MTN

MTN have always been known to connect her users (sure with their slogan, Everywhere you go) and also fill their SMS space with messages which unfortunately happens to be one among the list of things i hate most and i guess there are so many other users out there who must have been looking for a way to opt out this feature.
The Steps below should guide you on how you can opt out of the Data usage messages from MTN. This way you wouldn’t have to receive all those messages telling you the amount of Data remaining on your Mobile sim.

How to Stop “Data Usage” Messages From MTN

  1. Send EOCN OFF to 131
  2. Wait for a confirmation message from them (MTN)
  3. Do not resend the message as you should see  message on regards the first message you sent to them.

And that is it, this should help you from staying free from those messages.
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