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At Android Village, we try our possible best to give our audience, targeted and Interest based articles.
This means that you can also tap into connecting with our audience by Advertising Here on Just in case, you can read more about us Here.

Advertising Opportunities at

Below is a detailed breakdown of the various types of advertising methods we fully support at Android Village.

1.   Sponsored Post

This is one that requires your article being published here on this site and remains for forever.
This way, you would be getting backlink from a reputable blog which will be  selling point for
your startup.
You can either write the article, or let us handle the writing, either which way, you would be connecting with the right audience for your Startup, business and/or product.

2. Square/Rectangular Ad (250 * 250 or 250 * 300)

This is a square –like shaped ad with designs, portraying what your brand is all about. This would be published on all side bars of the site which would be a perfect point to get more

3.   Leader Board Ads

This is a horizontal type of ad that does same work as No. 2 above but only difference is that, it would be having a horizontal orientation. This would appear next to the logo on our website.

4.   Text Ad

This one would require putting up a catchy text that would obviously tell people what your product is all about. It would remain on all pages of our website for as long as the ad keeps

Other Cool Stuffs

All advertisers would also be getting full publicity as we would be leveraging on our social media accounts to make sure users get to see your ad and we assure you of getting a good value for
your money.
You can get in touch with us via info(at) or by using the contact page, of our website.