7 Unknown Things you can do with your Android phone

Having a Smartphone is one thing, knowing how to utilize it for the Best use is another, and yea, that’s the reason Android Village was established. We want to bring the knowledge of Android down to a beginner level so even a newly born baby can understand, (May be). In This post, I am exposing you to Unknown Things you can do with your Android Phone.
Just for the Records, The Android OS is an Operating System owned and managed by Google. The Recent version, which is the Android Marshmallow, is the sixth version of the Android OS with beautiful features and cool User interface.The Android OS runs on most mobile brands, starting from the Samsung,Tecno,HTC,ZTE and many more. There are so many things you can do with your Android Phone actually, but I would be showing you the based on the necessities as a beginner. As time goes on, you would begin to see the value and importance of that device you have in your Hand. One thing leads to another.

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  1. As a Router/Hotspot Tool: If you have ever thought of browsing with your PC, the basic tool any individual would want to see is your Laptop/Computer as the case may be, and a modem stocked into the PC but then, do you know that with your PC, You can be able to use your Android Device as a middle man between the you and the internet? Your Android Phone, starting from the version 2.0 OS, allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot that can be detected by your computer or even through a USB port on our phone. When this action is performed, the Android phone can act as a Modem which powers or grants you access towards surfing the net. You might be asking why I need this when I can easily do this with my modem but the truth is, there are cases where you might not have access to your modem or even in cases where you would want to share the data on your phone with your PC especially when these Telco guys become happy or go gaga.
  2. As an External/Removable Disk: Most Smartphones running the Android OS, comes with a Memory space that is large enough to act as an external drive/Removable drive especially on cases where you would want to send Documents/Files etc. to your PC. Your phone will serve just fine in that condition.
  3. Coding on The Go: Thanks to Technology and developers who has mobile users in mind. With your Android phone, you can code on the go even when you are not with your PC. There are many Apps that can help you achieve this feat depending on the language you are working on. C4Droid can help when it comes to programming in the C Programming language, Java for Mobile aids for Java, and the C++ Mobile App for coding in the C++ programming language. With these features, you don’t have any excuse for not coding on the go. For Android Emulator Users, you can write your programs using any of the apps or suitable app depending on your language of choice and then run/debug your program when you get on PC.
  4. Watch Over-The-Air Streams: We probably must have come across most streaming stations and sites that lets us watch cool TV series online. Whether it is the Temundo, TeleKado and all the Teles you can think of, the good news is, with your Android phone, you can watch all of these and more. There are many apps that can help you achieve this feat like the UStream android App and you can check it out on the play store by clicking here
  5. As a Remote Control For Your PC: Ever wanted to do something on your PC, but too tired/Stressed or for whatever reason, you can’t access your pc, you can use your Android Device as a remote Control for your PC. There are so many Apps that can help you do this but for this article, I would be recommending the Chrome Remote Desktop. To use this extension on your computer through the chrome browser you would have to follow the setup procedures on startup and then install the companion App on your Android phone. For this to work efficiently, your Computer is expected not to be on sleep mode.
  6. Find/Wipe A Lost Phone: With so many Apps on the play store, your Android phone can also act as a security agent whenever you either lost/misplace a phone or even when it is stolen. With the Android Device Manager, which is a free app and an associated web tool with Google, you can be able to wipe or locate a stolen android device. The Android Device Manager works by connecting your phone with your Google Account. You can download the Android app by clicking Here
  7. Use as A Security Camera: With the AtHome Video Streamer, you would not have to throw away your old android phones anymore. The AtHome Video Streamer can help monitor things going on around you just as the CCTVs work in banks. To install, all you have to do is to put the App into the phone you would like to use for viewing, follow the prompted instructions, which involves taking a picture of a QR code to merge the two devices. One good thing about this is the possibility of watching through a PC. You can Download the AtHome Video Streamer by clicking Here.
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SO Here we have it, Unknown facts on things you can do with your Android Phone. This might seem long but funny enough; these are just one out of the many possibilities your Dear Android Phone can achieve.
Over to you, What Android App do you think is missing from the list? Help us by dropping comment below.

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