Google's Magic Drawing Robot will Make Amazing Drawing of Your Face

The Mobile Week congress is getting even more tougher than we can imagine, as more Tech Companies tend to be unveiling their out of the box packages. Starting from the Facebook’s  Aquila, a solar-powered aircraft that will beam internet access into communities from the sky and now, the google team would never want to be left out as they have got a lot of Android experiments its Creative Lab team built to see how far it could push mobile devices, The Google’s Magic Drawing Robot.
One amazing feature of this robot,is its ability to create line drawings of your face based on a photo taken on an Android phone. That’s awesome,i must say!
The setup is an Android phone connected to an IOIO (pronounced as ‘Yo-yo’) to control a pen suspended by two strings driven by motors. The result is these really cool line drawings that are generated by an algorithm and drawn out exactly how you saw them on the phone.
The Android device attached is just a Nexus 6P, and it handles everything from the control of the drawing robot itself to taking the photo and actually creating the line drawing.
                    Below is A GIF Showing a brief Work flow of the Amazing Robot!

Google Magic Android Robot
Each picture takes about five minutes to create, which isn’t particularly long when you consider how much magic is going on here.
The drawing robot isn’t a commercial project, just something Google made for fun, but it is a cool demo of what can be built with the phone you have in your pocket.
Now That’s awesome Tech we have!

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