Photos of Innoson Vehicles Auto Factory Leaked

A nairalander who visited Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company Limited Factory earlier on today shared some really impressive photos of what’s going in the company’s manufacturing plant.

The implementation of Nigeria’s government Automotive Industrial Development Programme and the new automotive policy has really yielded positive results in Nigeria’s automotive industry.

A lot of employment has been created even as our home-grown car manufacturing companies are making substantial improvements to meet up the demand of the Nigerian populace.

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On viewing the shared photos from Nigeria’s foremost Car Manufacturing/Assembling Company, Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company Limited, I was speechless for a moment on seeing how far the company has grown into a large scale producer of vehicles.

With what we see on the ground, there’s hope for the company to compete with the big guns that are already floating Nigeria’s automotive industry.

Photos Showcasing the Innoson Auto Factory

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Need More Pictures of Innoson Motors Factory?

Well, here are some unfiltered collection of innoson motors factory pictures, showing where your favorite innoson cars are made. We also added some pictures of innoson cars to help you see what they look like.

Here are some random pictures of innoson cars for your viewing pleasure.

What do you think of the photos?

Are you impressed or have something else to recommend they improve on?

Share your opinions below.

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