WhatsApp To Start Sharing Your Data With Facebook

Even though I saw this coming, I never expected, this (WhatsApp Sharing Users Data with Facebook) to be this fast, may be in a few years time :) . We all know that Facebook, which happens to be the number 1 Social network in the world, also own WhatsApp which happens to be the number 1 instant messaging app, still in the same world and ever since they acquired WhatsApp(Yea, WhatsApp was built from scratch by them), they have had the same Terms and Conditions. Fortunately, this would be the first time WhatsApp would be updating their Terms and Condition and as part of the new terms, the company will be sharing more user data with Facebook.
Following a blog post by WhatsApp, it states,” it will be tracking user metrics to check on things like how often people use their services to “better fight spam on WhatsApp”. Your number will also be linked to Facebook, so when you use Facebook you will see friend suggestions of people you know and more targeted ads.
In trying to put everything into an equilibrium state, they also reemphasized on the fact that WhatsApp would not show ads to users, apt from the fact that they tinkering with your data, you should be feel secured.
So When Should This Roll In?
For Now, the feature is strictly, user based, meaning you might have to allow WhatsApp have access to your Facebook, vice versa, before any information can be transferred. Though the Rollout isn’t on yet, you should receive a message in a pop-up form when it is.
What do you Think about this?

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  1. Also saw this coming since both facebook and whatsapp are owned by same company, but I believe their should be limitations.


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