General Guest Posting Guidelines

This page was recently updated to cater for other blogs in our arsenal. 3rd Planet Techies Group has made recent acquisitions and has also launched several start-ups including the pro-bloggers database.

The guest posting guidelines stated herein covers every other tech blog we manage and/or partnering with.

The popular ones being;

  3. and

The categories you can guest post on includes and not limited to; website development, programming, blogging tips, cms customization, Ict exposition, Cisco / Networking, Computer troubleshooting tips, Custom theme & Plugins Source code, Advance css tweaks, I.T support tips, website optimization, Website Design tips, Search Engine marketing & Optimization tips, Make money online guide, Mobile phone / pc repair guide, Custom Rom, Gadgets, Reviews, Info-graphics, Mobile Phones Review and many tech related tweaks.

Urgent Update:

You must be a blogger or a proven tech person to publish here or on any other site partnering with Us

To prove this you have to provide us with;

  • Blogs that you have written for
  • At least 3 URLs where your guest articles were approved and published
  • Your personal blog or website matching with your username

For the others who aren’t bloggers but loves sharing technology news and tips, you can go ahead and forward your articles, provided you aren’t asking for a link-back except for your social media profiles.

You are also admonished to read some of our existing articles from the existing categories to find out If your guest post will be appropriate for our vast tech focused audience.


Kindly Visit back your article’s link to leave reply to user’s comments as that will help us maintain an active problem solving community that will be useful to both bloggers, tech addicts, information researchers and tech minded persons who do visit the blog for updates.

Also remember to share the post with your social media fans, colleagues and sundry to help garner more exposure and laudable appraisal from all your followers.


Special Offer for Video Equipped Guest Article :

For a short while we will be offering backlinks together with a free 2weeks advert space on our tech forum‘s sidebar for any guest poster who will come up with any tutorial that is video based irrespective of the category it falls into.

This is to say that all tech video tutorials on; Blogging tips, advance wordpress plugins review, videos on how to use a particular plugin, Videos on how to use a particular software, Videos on how to operate a particular phone brand, Videos on how to operate a particular television or electronic brands, videos on how to operate a particular laptop brand, Videos on how to operate a particular tech equipment, Videos on how to master internet marketing, Videos on how to master ads publishing, Videos on how to use wordpress like a pro, Videos on how to use joomla, Videos on advance blogging, css and any of such Videos will be published without much questioning.


Rules for Video Related Guest Articles :

  • This video must be recorded by you
  • This video must not be lifted from somewhere else
  • You are handing this video over to Us which makes it our property once it is published here
  • The video rights is transferred to Us once it is published here, which prohibits you from publishing it elsewhere
  • We can take down the video on noticing that it has been published elsewhere, then report your site immediately to google for bridging your contract with us
  • This video must be sent to us, so as to allow us publish it in the chosen directory of our choice

Points to Know about your Videos :

  1. We will not make any money from any video you provide to us, this means that we will not be using your videos for google adsense, sales promotion and the likes.
  2. We are just focused on providing new means of learning for our tech focused audience and so resorted to promoting Video tutorials

All other rules for submitting articles contained in this page also applies to video related post, so you are hereby encouraged to read all of it.

Rules and Guidelines for Guest Posting in Our Tech Blog

  1. You must not spin an article and submit to us. We will never accept it
  2. SEO content writers writing on behalf of a commercial website, business or company should please consider sponsorship post instead of guest posting ‘cos we are going to reject your articles b4 it ever get’s to us.
  3. You must be a tech blogger to be able publish in our site, links to other websites other than your blog is rel=”nofollowed” by default meaning that we are only going to link to articles that are part of your research for the post you are submitting to us.
  4. We accept guest articles from non-bloggers only if they are website developers or designers who are giving out custom or source code for their plugins, themes, modules and templates or handling some sort of advance tutorials on such
  5. Do not bother about publishing for us if you are only interested in building links ‘cos sooner or later your intent will be unmasked
  6. Write solely for our blog readers by being available to reply to comments and user’s contribution over a period of about a week starting from when your article goes live.


Other Important Guest Posting Guidelines to Acknowledge

As earlier stated you can Submit your articles even without registering by using the form at our contact page also note that;
  • Your post must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print.
  • You agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site.
  • Your post will contain only one external link and google+ (+) profile url, except for regular guest posters
  • Your post should be at least 700 words long .
  • Your post could be slightly edited before publishing and you must agree to this.
  • We own rights to the post after publishing it and so wouldn’t welcome any request to adjust links or do any stupid edits on our already published articles
I f you submit any post lesser than 700 words, be assured that you aren’t gonna get a reply from us except you believe that your article is extremely relevant and belongs to the category we do term “actionable tutorials” example of such post includes and not limited to;
  • Smartphone reviews with video and images
  • Css tricks, hacks and transformable codes
  • Source code for themes, custom plugins, modules and etcetera
  • Advanced Tutorials and tips on equipments, machines and tech or electronic gadgets
  • Video guides and advanced motherboard troubleshooting tutorials
Your posts will not be written solely for the purpose of advertising a product, website or some paid services. If you intend to write a post for advertising purpose use the contact page to contact any of our team members for a sponsored posting opportunity.
You must be a blog owner or personal website owner for your post to be received and honored as a guest post .
Other posters that do not fall into this very category are usually taken as a kinda sponsored or promotional articles creators and even if received (non-bloggers , seo workers, and those working for their clients) will be flagged by default.
You will be notified with links immediately your post goes live
Adding your google plus (google+) profile linking with your name will make sure you get all the credit and ranks ‘cos we normally add rel=”author” to your name and profile links automatically.
We will always favor your post and publish it more quickly if it is related to how to tutorials, php, css, html5, javascript, ajax, jquery, web transformation, hacks and tricks.
Other articles on website development and blogging tips is also treated with much respect, not forgetting our recent interest in Video based tech tutorials which we have made much emphasis on at the beginning of this documentation.
you can also e-mail your articles to any of the email addresses below
Guru at Guru at

Thanks for your kine interest in writing for Us.