Write For Us

You can send a tip for immediate publication to 3rd Planet Techies if you are a tech ardent, PR manager, media personality, or just someone that’s passionate about tech.

We do not sell links in the form of guest posts (consider sponsored posts or look through our site for other types of promotional content).

How to Become a Contributor

In addition to sending a tip to our editors, you can apply to become a contributor (Paid or Free – the choice is yours) for 3rd Planet Techies.

The person applying should meet the criteria below (we can exempt those willing to learn =D;)

  • A lover of gadgets and technology
  • A follower of leading tech blogs (Always trying to keep up with major technological developments)
  • An above-average writer that loves writing tutorials and tips (Willing to help others with what you know)
  • Someone that has a presence on social media networks

Other Requirements

We expect our contributors to satisfy at least 80% of the requirements below

  • Should own a PC (laptop, desktop), smartphone, and/or other gadgets
  • Should have an in-depth knowledge of gadgets and tech terminologies (You aren’t a techie If you think Galaxy Note 10.1 an iPad or Apple a fruit)
  • Should have prior writing experience, be it on a magazine, newspaper, blog or any other site dealing with gadgets, tech, and sciences.
  • Should know at least 2 of our blog’s categories (Should be an expert in at least two of our blog’s topics).
  • Should have the ability to churn out interesting and intelligent articles about breaking or latest tech developments in a few minutes
  • Should have the ability to learn about new gadgets and new technology trends quickly
  • Shouldn’t be a fanboy/fangirl (All reviews must be made without any iota of fanaticism)
  • Should be able to work from home or wherever you are comfortable with
  • Should be well Informed about Technology Trends, following tech news and tech events (i.e., Should have an idea of all gadgets, tech trends, or software updates expected in the next few months)

I don’t think I’m qualified! What next?

If you really want to be a contributor here but do not meet up the requirements above, there’s a place for you to start from –

  1. Join our support forum
  2. Start sharing the things you already know (e.g., how to make a phone call from a Nokia touch, how I recovered from a virus attack, tech news, etcetera)
  3. Reply to questions you know the answer to
  4. Keep following other posts and gadgets review
  5. Re-apply with your forum username to get our feedback

How to Apply

If you think you’re qualified or want to write for 3rd Planet Techies website, please get in touch with us using the contact page or any of the email addresses below –

  • admin{at}3ptechies.com
  • guru{at}obasimvilla.com

Remember to state your experiences, the best category to write for, your location, and how often you can churn out content in your first contact request.

Other support queries should be sent via the contact page.