Guest Posting Instruction – How to become a Contributor

We do not give out link juice to first-time guest posters and will not allow link builders to mess up our content’s quality with those recycled articles. This is our reason for coming up with a more detailed guideline to help you get started publishing for 3rd Planet Techies.

We advise you to go through the below guidelines before contacting us for a chance to be made one of our tech blog‘s contributors.

Only “Real Contributors” can publish here

We do not accept guest posts from SEO link builders, those writing on behave of their clients, and those submitting posts with the sole intent of getting a dofollow link from us. (Consider a sponsored post instead)

We only accept posts from persons that;

  • Loves what we are doing here and willing to passionately contribute to its growth
  • Loves to write on Technology and sciences (Passion-Driven)
  • Are; journalists, Companies, and/or tech firm’s insider that wants to have their story published here as news.
  • Are; Freelancers and bloggers that need exposure and /or publicity.

How to earn the “Real Contributor” status

We are striving to provide quality above quantity. It is therefor expected of you to be a proven blogger, science ardent, freelance writer, journalist or someone that is well knowledgeable with tech and sciences.

You need to provide us with;

  1. Links to some blogs that have published your contents in the past
  2. Your current blog URL or similar.

Points to note about Our “Real Contributors”

  1. You don’t get rewarded with links until you have had 3 approved articles here.
  2. Your account gets upgraded to an author status once you have written 3 valuable posts.
  3. As an author, your links (social profile inclusive) will start showing below your post, and you also have the upgraded privilege to publish anytime without our manual approval.

What categories do you allow?

This is a tech blog and so won’t allow any of our authors to publish content unrelated to tech and sciences. You have the freedom to publish editorial contents that are your personal opinion or analysis of a brand, company, or business model.

You can freely publish on the following categories:

  • Technology ==> Tech News, Social Media, I.T. support, technical fixes, and tutorials
  • Business technology, Sciences, smartphones, apps, gadgets, and electronics
  • Cars and Auto, Inventions, Future Tech Projections, Concept and ideas
  • Website Design and Development, Apps Development, Graphics, CMS customization and Programing
  • Web 2.0 ==> Blogging tips, Traffic & SEO, Domain & Ranking Tips, Link building and etc.
  • Computer ==> hardware, networking, software, operating system, framework &, etc.
  • Videos and info-graphics

What other rules do you have for the Real Contributors?

  1. You must not spin an article and submit to us. We will never accept it
  2. All your posts must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print.
  3. You must agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site. ( This means that you permit us to report to Google or file a DMCA for any of our contents found elsewhere without our written consent)
  4. The only external links we allow in the body of your article are references to articles on
  5. You must never for any reason ask us to delete a post we have already approved, and must also agree to our accepting guest post from only our Real Contributors.
  6. All tutorials and similar tips should be at least 550 words.
  7. Your author bio section must not contain more than two links except for social media profiles. You can not also for any reason sale that section to clients.

Other Rules?

  1. Theme developers, plugin developers, CEOs, Founders, and Brand insiders are free to send us source codes and articles to publish under our name without registering an account with us.
  2. Any other person can also post (send us) news and articles without necessarily creating an account or being a Real Contributor, as long as the contents aren’t linking to external sites or having an author bio section. You are free to make references to names and sources though.
  3. All content right is transferred to us once it is published here. So you must take your time to read all of it and ask questions on any part you don’t fully understand.

How to create a Contributor’s account

Creating an account with us is easy, all you need to do is to send us an email using any of the email addresses below or the form at our contact page. Your details and special log in URL will be sent to you not latter than 48hrs.


Is there any opportunity for paid Contributors?

Sure, we are ready to get you on as one of our contributors. You’d need to state your charges per five articles, If comfortable with us, we will drop you a note. Remember to contact us only if you are really eligible and have a proven portfolio to back up your claims.

We also consider some bonuses and stipends for our long term blog contributors. Feel free to contact us for suggestions, questions, abuse, or any kind of request using the email addresses above or our contact page.