10 Year Old Boy Hacks Instagram And Got Rewarded

A Finnish 10 Year Old Boy, have actually hacked into a platform which actually is not eligible to register on. This literally means , he is not in the platform, but he understands what is happening on the platform more than those using the platform.
A Finnish Boy have hacked into Instagram and yea, he went away with $10,000.
The Finnish boy by name Jani (whose last name hasn’t been released) said (in Finnish) “I would have been able to eliminate anyone, even Justin Bieber.”
This have actually made him the youngest to have hacked into one of Facebook’s platform that they aren’t technically eligible to register on since most of Facebook’s platform makes it known for users to be above 13.
While trying to figure out what he should not have done, he realized that he could hack into Instagram’s server and delete people’s posts on the platform.This was also confirmed by Facebook, after using a test account which was patched in February said Forbes.
Though it is great how Facebook encourage Hackers that try to detect loop Holes on the platform, i think the case of Jani is more of just giving him some cool cash to encourage him as i could imagine what would have happened if this was performed by someone who have come of age and then, has hos identity hidden.
Over to you, What do you think about this 10 year old hacker?
Kidding Me
The dude is good!!


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