Twitter's 'Connect Tab' will Now let you Find New Friends Faster

The sole aim of social media is to connect people around the world together, just like the founder of Facebook, which happens to be among the largest social networking sites if not the largest, will say. I think Twitter actually want to flow along with the Connect the world thingy, as they just added a ‘Connect Tab’ which will let you find more new cool friends faster through the platform.
Twitter is one lively platform you can always bank on when you think about fleeing from boredom or other things like that, the comedians you can always see on the platform, Twitter sellers,brand promoters, twitter overlords as some will call it,GIF’s makers,Meme gurus and many more are just some cool set of people that makes the platform a lit.
Although Twitter already has a ‘Who to follow’ section with a few suggestions, the idea is that Connect can give people an all-in-one hub for finding new and interesting accounts.
Also, the connect feature will be replacing the contact book feature that have been on for a while now, where you get live suggestions based on your people you have on your contact list that also on Twitter.
Now, you might be asking how Twitter would be able to know the kind of accounts you would love to follow but all i can say is to calm down, Twitter got it covered.
On regards how they would be able come up with suggestions, Twitter will be mixing data based on your location, tweets you like, tweets of people you follow often and other cool obvious means.
The connect feature have already been rolled out on Android and can be accessed by clicking Here.
What is your take on this? Tell us using the comment box below.

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