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how to use Social Fever Android App

Social Fever Android App Review: Helps you Beat Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone addiction is a new phenomenon that is causing lot of troubles these days. People are stuck to their smartphones spending hours on watching movies, listening to their favorite music, updating status on social...
cloud computing tips for business growth

Top 8 Ways Cloud Computing can Accelerate your Business Growth

Although exact figures vary somewhat, it’s estimated that around 50% of businesses now formally include at least one cloud-based application in their IT infrastructure. Such adoption rates haven’t been seen in business IT since the...
Best Online Resources for College Students

Top 10 Best Online Resources for Students

Last time on 3ptechies' student resources, we learned about the Best Apps for College Students as well as introduced some top apps for solving Maths, algebra, and scientific equations. But today's topic is a...
top best secret spy cameras for private investigators

20 Best Secret Spy Camera Recording Devices for Private Investigators

Our earlier review of Sanwood secret spy camera surveillance recording pen inspired most of our readers to ask for some more options that are really private.  Hence, an improved post on top best secret spy...
IT support staff outsourcing

Top Best Reasons to Outsource Your Company’s IT Support Needs

Today, technology is entwined in every aspect of the modern business. It brings many benefits in terms of efficiency, communication and business insights, but there is a downside to our reliance on IT systems. When...
best car gift ideas for partners

10 Secret Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Car Loving Partner

You must be aware that valentine day is around the corner. So, you must be fanatically searching for gifts which will make your partner’s heart racing. Yes, that is what we are going to...