Top 5 Killer Tips To Increase Fiverr Sales by 200%

A fellow blogger just joined Fiverr and has constantly been asking “How Do I Increase My Sales On”. Now most people ask that questions and still are stuck with little or no apparent answer.

If you fall in that category or you already have the sales rolling in and just wish to increase it by a whooping 200% then this article would help you a lot.
There a number of reasons that could get in the way of you making sales so before I tell you How to increase your sales, I would like to highlight a few of these reasons.

 4 Obvious Things Every Good Seller Should Have On Their Profile and Fiverr Gigs

What!!! You uploaded that gig two weeks ago and still no sale? Its quite simple, something is not right. Its said that if you want to make sales in the Fiverr market, treat it like a physical market where you have to convenience a potential client to make him a client. If you want to do that, address these issues first.
1. PUT A PROFILE PICTURE: Pretty Obvious, Right? It is said that we are moved by what we see. Most people would like to buy from a profile with a picture than one which is blank or uses the default Avatar. Make sure the profile picture is attractive and worth looking at.
I know not everybody is a Chris Brown or Miley Cyrus so that’s where Google comes in. Use Google to find attractive pictures and use them.
Careful not to use a celebrity picture or it would have an opposite effect. Have you ever wondered why customer care representatives are always so attractive? Its to get you to buy more and become a client. Same applies to Fiverr, an attractive cover photo would bring in a few extra sales
2. MAKE THE GIGS EXPLANATORY: I was browsing through some SEO Gigs on fiverr and had two chose between two of them. Lets call them A and B. Gig A had a better title than Gig B but when I looked at the description of Gig A…”Order my gig and I promise you full delivery.
Its an SEO gig for more traffic”. But Gig B explained in details how he plans on optimizing pages, social presence, doing more social bookmarking and stuff.
The seller with Gig A may have better offer, but his marketing was poor and there Seller with Gig B would make more sales. So start today and put effort in making the gig descriptive enough
3. SELL BOTH YOURSELF AND THE GIG: Its Okay to give assurance to the sellers by letting them know how good an expert you are in the field the gig is about.
After writing a good and explanatory description, you can end it with a self praising assurance. Keep it short and within 1 or 2 lines. Over doing this would make you seem desperate
4. TARGET KEYWORDS IN DESCRIPTION AS WELL AS TITLE: There is nothing much to say you. If you are selling a gig about Fixing WordPress Errors, target it atleast three times in the description and one and half in the title.
For instance the title can be I will Inspect your WordPress Blog and Fix WORDPRESS ERRORS. You notice how I mentioned wordpress twice in the title and the targeted keyword WordPress errors is in capital letter.
Now that you have addressed the above mentioned tips, lets move over to the killer tips that could increase your sales by over 200%, shall we.
increase fiverr sales, killer tips and tricks

5 Killer Tips To Increase Your Sales by 200% on

1. GETTING MORE TRAFFIC: Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!!. Much is been said about traffic and really, the importance cannot be over emphasized.
To make sales you need traffic. And how do you get this? Well I would be handing out two tips that I personally use to get traffic to my gigs on fiverr.
Firstly, create a website for your gigs or fiverr profile. Ordinarily, this is suppose to be a hard and strenuous task, but with services like its been made so easy every kyle or Joe can do it.
Once you have done this, you can use that medium to promote your website URL on Facebook and Other Social Networks.
I prefer doing this to sharing direct link on social networks because the description box on social networks would not give you enough space to fully describe your gigs.
And further more, they may restrict your use of keywords. But with a blogspot website, you would not only get free traffic to your blog leading to your gigs on fiverr from Google but also be able to describe using images and even post links to previous work done, how cool is that?.
Secondly, use Google to search for your client. Don’t wait around for them to come, go to them. For instance, you fix WordPress Error, you can search Google for “Help Fixing WordPress Error” and you would be surprise how many people need your services. Once you find one on a forum or community, tell them you can fix it and put a link back to your fiverr gig or blog post that has the gig.
2. BUY YOUR OWN GIGS: This is my personal favourite tip which I have keep secret for a while now and finally decide to let to for every one to benefit. When you open a new gig, one sure fire way to own watchers into client is if there is a positive review on the gig.
Else, every one keeps waiting for the other person to buy first. No body wants to waste their money and therefore would wait to see if the gig gets a positive review before they buy.
So in cases like this, create two or three profile, purchase your own gigs and watch the sales rolling in. Someone follow this tip and three days later he made 15 sales. He even had to decline some because he couldn’t deliver all in the speculated period
 3. CREATE A FEMALE PROFILE: Sorry ladies, but research done by me has shown that female profile gets more visits and thus more sales.
You don’t have to be a lady to do this, just use a female American name and use Google to get a girls picture. This may seem unorthodox but it is a marketing strategy which when put into good use would bring a ferocious increase in your monthly sales.
4. UPLOAD MORE PHOTOS ABOUT THE GIG: Some clients may not want to go through the trouble of reading your descriptive description about the gig.
I call them the “I buy what I see clients”. For such, the more attractive photos you have to describe you gig, the more sales you could make. So make sure your gig have at least three photos to describe it
5. PROVIDE THE RIGHT SERVICES: After following the tips above and you are not selling gigs that are wanted, then you may not make any sales.
Don’t get me wrong, all gigs are wanted, but some are in higher demand. Any gig you wish to sell should fall within the range of average demand to high demand. Do not sell low or below average gigs

Now Your Turn

Now after these being said, I believe you have a few questions you wish to ask and possible make a few contribution. Feel feel to use the comment box to make sure contributions.
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Kyle Stevens is an out going creative writer and tech blogger who has a passion for helping people and building creativity in the mind, through his outstanding tutorials, articles and excellent reviews of any gadget.


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  7. Thanks for sharing these awesome Fiverr tips.
    Nice article for a freelancing startup on the fiverr like me.

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  10. Really interesting tips. I would suggest making a perfect gig by offering more things than your competitors and then visiting your competitors profiles and tell their buyers about the services you provide their might be a chance that someone from your competitor’s buyers list will buy your service. :)

    visit the link too :)

  11. Don’t use a female profile picture… it is so common now that a lot of buyers (myself included) will specifically NOT buy your gig for the simple fact we know that photo and name isn’t yours. It makes you look very untrustworthy… After all, why not use your own name? Why do you need a fake ID? What do you have to hide? If your answer is “because it’ll get me more sales” it makes you seem like a chauvinistic pig and not someone to buy from. You’re not selling sex here, guys…. just my two cents. Also, looks really bad when a client wants to Skype or something and you need to reveal that you’ve basically lied about who you are.

    • Thanks for your valuable contribution Aya,

      This post was written by Kyle some years back. Hopefully, he’ll update and add some more tips when he’s back online.

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    To get success in fiverr you have to deliver on time with quality product. Response rate also matters.

    • Thanks for your sincere contribution Sourabh,

      Do have a super-productive fiverr week ahead.

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  24. This is interesting. I love this. Adding Video to your gigs will also give you the best result. People want to know what you will offer from your video. By creating blog will also increase your sales.

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    • Optimize your gig’s description and also ask buyers to contact you for custom offers.

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    But what about clients which want talk to you via skype i.e.? I’m lost a few clients when i said them that i’m a men)

    According to your article i want show you what can be happen when your gig was included in fiverr daily mail (look at the pic, my acc at fiverr:).

    And btw in you article a little mistake: twice item “CREATE A FEMALE PROFILE”.

    • Thanks for the heads-up Anton, I’ve got the post updated.

      Kyle Steven will talk on the other points once he is online again.

    • Good on your for getting so many impressions and views.. but 7 orders out of several thousand views and clicks seems pretty low..

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    Yes it is true that if you made a clear concept about yourself, your field of work, your expertise, your interest( a full concept about your performance.) it will increase your sells of gig.

    • heheheh ! we are affiliate marketing experts :P


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