Meet Alarmy: The App That Wakes You With A Slap

Hehe, ehen, not a slap really but its action is even more annoying than a slap. Ladies and gentle men, i present to you: Alarmy: the app that would ensure you are awake from the deepest sleep.
If you are among those who could sleep through anything, i think you would need to get me a can  coke for introducing you to this app.
Alarmy app

Why You Need to Get The Alarmy Android App

  1. The Ring Tone is frustrating but if you could still sleep through it, then…you need Jesus!! :D
  2. Sharpens You daily: The fact that you would need to perform a task before the alarm can go off makes you hyper active for your daily activities.
  3. Finally you can power it off or snooze the device.

The app having over 1 million downloads on the play store makes us see the credibility and effectiveness of the app.

How to Install the Alarmy Android App

To install the Alarmy Android App, you can click here. After installation, Set the time you want to wake up, ensure you select  the loudest tone to see its effectiveness! ;)
Do this and thank me later :D !

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