3 Ways to Advance Content Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

According to Lilach Bullock, Artificial Intelligence or AI has influenced digital marketing, more particularly content marking, in many ways. But actually AI will bring a lot of improvements and changes in content marketing in near future. Some of these...

Landing Page Monkey Review 2019: a Better Squeeze Page Builder?

Landing Page Monkey is a tool to create highly converting squeeze pages easily. It is a super productive squeeze page builder for online advertisers, digital marketers, bloggers, and SEOs. This exciting landing page builder has been making waves for...

The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Getting More out of Mail Merge in 2019

Hello, I am here to share the smart marketer's guide to getting more out of Mail Merge in 2019. It is a timely guide for anyone that's interested in improving their digital marketing skills in 2019 and beyond.This practical...

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