Wearing Wellness: How Tech Wearables Can Improve Your Health

The future is now. According to recent Business Wire Research, the global market for connected wearable devices in fitness, wellness, and healthcare is predicted to reach $10.5 billion by 2028. Wearable 'smart' gadgets, so beloved of SF, have finally appeared to...

Meet T-1: The All-Inclusive Immersive Gaming Earset for E-Sports

Thousands of gaming devices rose alongside Esports' popularity. There are over a million gaming devices on Amazon. Whereas COVID has halted some industries, like the sports industry, as individuals could not gather along physically. In contrast, we could say...

REPACE Review: The Personalized Scientific Workout Solution

A result says that there are 50 million Americans who participate in jogging or running. The health benefit of running is crystal clear. Running can regulate your blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity and boost your metabolism, not to mention...

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