Debian Vs Ubuntu: 10 PROs/CONs of Using these Linux Distros

Will the battle for the best Linux distro ever have a definite finale? Well, every Linux distribution has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, of all the Linux distributions being used by different server managers, programmers, and other IT...

10 Best Tools to Create Bootable USB Disks for Windows and Linux

Bootable USB disks come in handy when you need to access a faulty computer that has refused to boot properly. Also, a bootable USB is used to install a new operating system on a computer that does not have/support...

How to Use Bitvise SSH/SFTP Client on Mac OS and Linux Devices

If like us, you run a Bitvise SSH Server or uses Bitvise SSH Client (Tunnelier tool) for your day-to-day tasks; then this tutorial is for you. It is about the easiest and proven method to use Bitvise SSH Client...

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