10 Common WordPress Security Issues & How To Address Them

WordPress has undoubtedly become the platform of choice for both small and large business owners. It powers around 34% of all global websites and 14.7% of the leading websites, which have over 400 million visitors each month. However, because...

As full as Possible List of LiteSpeed SSD Hosting Companies for Biz

To some, Nginx + Varnish cache or "Nginx + Redis" server setup is the real deal, while some prefer LiteSpeed + LiteSpeed cache server setup, while to the others, Apache server is just good enough for their website needs....

18 of the Best Truly Managed WordPress Hosting Services

While cheap shared hosting or insanely cheap hosting services can serve for basic and medium-sized websites, large and busy websites need a dedicated solution to get enterprise-level support. For WordPress, there are top hosts that offer WordPress tools and...

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