As full as Possible List of LiteSpeed SSD Hosting Companies for Biz

To some, Nginx + Varnish cache or “Nginx + Redis” server setup is the real deal, while some prefer LiteSpeed + LiteSpeed cache server setup, while to the others, Apache server is just good enough for their website needs. No matter the server technology you prefer, LiteSpeed is making inroads as the server technology for the future.  It is fast, easily scalable, load intensive, and fully compatible with “everything Apache.”

Today’s post is about giving you the full list of LiteSpeed SSD web hosting companies, and our honest recommendations. While we don’t expect a hosting company in this age to use spinning hard disk drives (HDD), some still do, which is why we’re giving preferences to SSD (solid-state drive) LiteSpeed hosting companies.

List of SSD LiteSpeed Hosting Companies and Our Recommendations

LiteSpeed hosting companies list

Come along with me as I take you through the full list of SSD LiteSpeed hosting companies for business hosting, email hosting, VPS, and dedicated services.

A2 Hosting – [visit]

A2 is a popular web hosting company that offers a lot of hosting packages at competitive prices. The company offers shared hosting, dedicated WordPress hosting, VPS/dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, and domain registration services.

All of the A2 hosting packages come with enticing features which are suitable for personal websites, small businesses, large companies, and all, depending on the business size/needs. Also, you can engage the company’s team of experts to move your website files from an old server to theirs.

A2 Hosting uses the LSWS (LiteSpeed Web Server) technology for most of their server plans, and the LiteSpeed cache plugin for their Turbo hosting plan. Some of their plans and packages are listed below for your perusal.

A2 hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Shared hosting

Lite $3.92
Swift $4.90
Turbo $9.31

VPS hosting

Unmanaged $5.00
Managed $32.99
Core $32.99

Reseller hosting

Bronze $13.19
Silver $18.47
Gold $24.41
Platinum $40.91

Dedicated hosting

Unmanaged flex server $99.59
Discount SSD server $129.30
Managed flex server $141.09
Core flex server $141.09

MDD Hosting – [visit]

MDD hosting offers huge discounts for the first month on all of its hosting plans. It is a very formidable host with robust hosting plans. While not so popular, MDD hosting is renowned for speed (all thanks to the Litespeed server utilization), robust infrastructure, security, and reliability.

The company has a very responsive customer support team and also lets you brand their hosting as a reseller.

MDD Hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

VPS hosting

VZ 2G $74.96
VZ 4G $134.96
VZ 6G $187.96


Cloud web hosting

Cloud s $4.00
Cloud 1 $7.00
Cloud 2 $14.00
Cloud 4 $28.00
Cloud 6 $42.00

Reseller hosting

Basic $24.50
Intermediate $49.50
Advanced $74.50

Liquidweb Hosting – [visit]

Liquid Web hosting is a web and email hosting company that offers managed web hosting services at comfortable prices. It utilizes the Litespeed webserver to speed up its web server performance.

Liquidweb customer support is excellent and easily up there with the top best hosts with a responsive technical support team. They have a wide variety of plans to choose from, depending on the package that meets your business goals.

Liquidweb hosting plans & pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price

Managed WP hosting

Personal $29.00
Freelance $69.00
Professional $99.00
Business $149.00

Cloud VPS hosting

Starter $59.00
Basic $99.00
Standard $139.00
Premium $189.00

Managed Woo Commerce

Beginner $39.00
Basic $99.00
Dropshipping $125.00
Marketplace $149.00

KnownHost – [visit]

KnownHost is my “go-to guy” for robust managed VPS hosting. They are a US-based web hosting company that’s renowned for excellent uptime, reliability, security, and scalable managed VPS hosting plans.

KnownHost also offers domain registration services, domain name transfer, email and white-label reseller hosting for businesses. Additionally, you can engage the team to migrate your blog/website for free when you buy a qualifying hosting plan from them.

KnownHost plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Cloud server hosting

Cloud-1 $50.40
Cloud-2 $63.00
Cloud-3 $94.50

Shared hosting

Shared – 1 $3.47
Shared – 2 $6.47

Dedicated server hosting

KH-MD1 $159.00
KH-MD2 $179.00
KH-MD3 $249.00
KH-MD4 $339.00

Reseller hosting plans

Reseller Plan – 1 $6.97
Reseller Plan – 2 $9.97
Reseller Plan – 3 $14.97

VPS hosting plans

VPS – 1 $28.00
VPS – 2 $49.00
VPS – 3 $63.00
VPS – 4 $80.50

Hawk Host – [visit]

For over a decade now, Hawk Host has been in the business of providing robust and high-quality web hosting solutions, as well as domain registration support to lots of people worldwide.

Actually, it is a Canadian hosting company with US and European server locations. Its hosting packages are feasible, scalable, and reasonably priced. Hawk Host support is responsive, and they also offer free migration service to their new customers.

HawkHost plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Cloud server hosting

1GB Dal $5.00
2GB Dal $10.00
4GB Dal $20.00
Shared Hosting Primary $2.99
Professional $7.99


Basic $18.00
Advanced $36.00
Super $58.50

Reseller cloud hosting

Bronze $12.99
Silver $25.99
Platinum $45.99
Semi-dedicated hosting Nestling $15.99
Talon $39.99

InterServer – [Visit]

For over a decade already, InterServer has been delivering quality web hosting solutions to individuals, businesses, schools, churches, and not-for-profit organizations.  InterServer operates from the United States and also includes domain name registration, email, and VPS hosting in their range of services.

Their hosting, domain name, SSL, and dedicated services are accessible worldwide to anyone who needs such a solution.

InterServer plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)
VPS hosting Linux VPS $6.00
Web hosting Standard $5.00


Reseller hosting

RS one $19.95
RS two $29.95
RS three $39.95
RS four $49.95
RS five $59.95

Host Winds – [visit]

Host winds provide different kinds of hosting solutions to users worldwide. The company has a reliable customer support team that attends to all your need and queries. Its plans and packages pricing are customer-friendly, and it promises a 99.9% server uptime. Their hosting plans come with a Litespeed server and LiteSpeed cache integration.

Host winds plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)


Fully managed VPS

Starter $5.17
Basic $10.34
Standard $18.80
Pro $23.97

Shared hosting

Basic $3.29
Advanced $4.23
Ultimate $5.17

Business web hosting

Basic $5.64
Advanced $6.58
Ultimate $7.99

VentraIP – [visit]

VentralP hosting company is top-rated in Australia: They provide fast and responsive web hosting services with the award-winning Litespeed server across all their hosting plans and packages. An overview of their pricing structure is presented hereunder.

VentraIP plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Shared hosting

Starter $6.34
Freedom $13.43
Premier $20.52

VPS hosting

Fully Managed $198.41
Fully Managed Plus $269.28
Fully Managed Premium $340.15

Simple server [visit]

SimpleServer is a top British web hosting company that offers a lot of web and email hosting services. Magneto (SimpleServers) web hosting is reliable in terms of server uptime, speed, and customer support.

SimpleServer hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Cloud server hosting

M-Cloud S $50.40
M-Cloud M $93.43
M-Cloud L $180.27


Shared hosting

M Core $18.42
M Power $23.69
M Pro $34.21
M Extreme $40.79

Dedicated server hosting

M DS1 $181.59
M DS2 $260.54
M DS3 $763.20

WordPress Hosting

WP Core $5.20
WP Power $9.15
WP Pro $13.09
WP Extreme $26.25

ClookInternet – [visit]

This is yet another UK-based web hosting company you can trust for all your hosting needs. ClookInternet is renowned for providing competitive web hosting services; its shared hosting plans are among the best you can buy from a UK-based hosting company. Also, you can buy and register new domains with ClookInternet.

ClookInternet hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)
 Cloud server hosting $107.24


Shared hosting

shared-0 $32.90
shared-1 $6.58
shared-2 $10.53
shared-3 $13.16

Dedicated server hosting

Budget $169.75
Power $393.44
Extreme $525.03
Ultimate $656.62
Reseller reseller-20 $19.74
reseller-50 $32.90
reseller-100 $52.63
reseller-200 $78.95

Beyond Hosting – [visit]

The name “Beyond hosting” is trendy among European users. It is another top hosting company that makes use of Litespeed server technology to power up websites that are hosted on its hosting infrastructures. Irrespective of how many visitors your website receives in a day, there is a suitable plan for it.

Beyond hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Managed WP hosting

2G – WP $24.99
2G – WP Managed $49.99
Premier $20.52


Managed server hosting

2G $49.99
8G $99.99
16G $149.99
32G $249.99
Custom $799.99

Guru Hosting – [Visit]

With the help of ultra-fast, LiteSpeed-powered secure cloud server hosting, Guru is one of the best UK-based web hosting companies you can trust. The company offers great prices for its hosting plan for all kinds of popular web apps (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others). Also, you can be a GuruHost reseller, and the pricing is typically customer-friendly.

Most interestingly, Guru host lets you try out all their web hosting packages for just $1.32 before you can start using them. This means that – for Guru’s Shared, Reseller, Managed, and Dedicated web hosting, you’ll spend only $1.32 for the first month, after which you’ll start paying the actual price from the 2nd month and subsequently.

Guru hosting plans and pricing

Note: the first month is $1.32 on all plans

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)
Cloud server hosting Reseller $65.78
Shared Cloud Hosting shared $6.57
Shared boost $13.15
Dedicated Managed Cloud Hosting Plan 1 $169.75
Plan 2 $288.18
Plan 3 $459.24
Reseller Cloud Hosting Reseller $26.30
Shared Cloud Hosting Pro Shared Pro $39.46

Aspiration Hosting – [visit]

Aspiration hosting, though not so popular to most users, is a web hosting company that offers an array of hosting web services and solutions. It operates with Litespeed servers and currently powers thousands of websites online. Aspiration hosting plans are feasible as well as suitable for all kinds of web applications.

Aspiration Hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Cloud hosting

Basic $3.99
Plus $9.99
Pro $29.99


Cloud server

Cloud 4GB $149
Cloud 8GB $249
Cloud 12GB $349

MX Hosting – [visit]

MX hosting is a top Romanian web hosting company that also utilizes LiteSpeed servers to power up the sites on its database. They offer you some discount for the first month your website or blog will be hosted on its servers. The company’s support team is responsive. Plus, its hosting packages come with good features.

MX hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Magneto hosting

Cloud Start $33.85
Cloud Business $67.76
Cloud Plus $146.87

WP hosting

Silver $1.13
Gold $6.78
Platinum $19.21


Reseller hosting

Basic Cloud $ 6.22
Personal Cloud SSD $16.38
Business Cloud SSD $33.33
Power Cloud SSD $61.58


Shared hosting

Personal SSD $3.94
Business SSD $7.33
Plus SSD $17.51
Gold SSD $24.29

Crucial Hosting – [visit]

Crucial hosting is an Australian hosting company that provides website and blog owners with comfortable web hosting plans that are supercharged with trendy features. The Crucial host servers are reliably fast, robust, and very efficient. They typically promise their customers a monthly server uptime of 99.9% or higher.

Crucial hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

VPS hosting

Linux VPS $10.00
Windows VPS $70.00
cPanel Managed VPS $210.00
Web hosting $19.90

Reseller hosting

Hosting $39.90
Plus $59.90
Advanced $89.90

Proper Host – [visit]

Proper web hosting company operates from Norway and offers all kinds of hosting solutions which include magneto hosting, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress hosting services. They utilize the Litespeed webserver to ensure that all applications and sites that are hosted on its platform are always up and running with fast-speed.

Proper Host plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)


Cloud server hosting

Small Instance $149
Medium Instance $249
Large Instance $429
X-larger instance $649


Magento optimized hosting

Mini $9.95
Basic $25
Pro $75
Enterprise $150

Dedicated server hosting

Mage-DS1 $299
Mage-DS2 $349
Mage-DS3 $549
Mage-DS4 $799

HostForWeb – [visit]

There are quite some reasons why you may prefer this web hosting company over the tons of them which are available. The company has a suitable plan for all kinds of hosting needs, ranging from shared server hosting to personal/dedicated hosting support. Also, its plans are available at great prices.

HostForWeb hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)


Managed cloud servers

Starter Cloud $59.95
Webmaster Cloud $75.95
Business Cloud $99.95
Business Pro Cloud $149.95
Enterprise cloud $199.95

Shared hosting

Mini $50.00 (per year)
Smart $3.95
Business pro $12.95

Server hosting

SSDVPS-1 $39.95
SSDVPS-2 $59.95
SSDVPS-3 $79.95
SSDVPS-4 $99.95


Reseller hosting

HFW-0 $24.95
HFW-1 $34.95
HFW-2 $49.95
HFW-3 $69.95
HFW-4 $89.95

Host X Now – [visit]

With reliable hosting servers across the USA, Canada, UK, France, and Germany, HostXNow is one of those top web hosting companies you can conveniently move your existing website/blog to. It offers various plans which are suitable for any kind of startup, business, as well as personal and professional uses. Also, this web hosting company offers email hosting and domain registration services.

Host X Now plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)


WP hosting

Small $5.00
Medium $7.00
Large $20.00
Performance $40.00

Managed VPS

Small $60.00
Medium $120.00
Large $160.00
Performance $350.00


Reseller hosting

Small $10.00
Medium $18.00
Large $35.00
Performance $70.00

Host Mantis – [visit]

This is yet another top web hosting company that’s headquartered in the United States. It allows you to host your files, websites, and blogs on its servers when you choose any of its flexible plans. HostMantis also makes use of the Litespeed webserver to provide its users with the best server speed and uptime.

Host Mantis hosting plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Shared hosting

Entry $2.29
Starter $3.49
Advanced $5.49
Expert $7.49

Reseller hosting

Entry $5.95
Starter $8.95
Advanced $20.95
Expert $35.95

Enterprise hosting

Entry $14.95
Starter $19.95
Advanced $29.95
Expert $49.95

Exon host – [visit]

Fast speed and unfailing server uptime are among the core needs of anyone that’s seeking for a better hosting solution. Interestingly, Exon web hosting company provides these basic needs, with the help of Litespeed server, caching, and professional optimization. The company boasts of utilizing new and robust solid-state drives (SSD) for all of its hosting plans.

Exon host plans and pricing

Hosting Type Plans/Packages Price (monthly)

Shared hosting

Starter $2.03
Standard $5.99
Advanced $9.99
Turbo Diesel $19.95

Reseller hosting

Starter $16.99
Standard $24.95
Advanced $44.99
Business $64.99

Some Other LiteSpeed SSD Hosting Provider

list of LiteSpeed Hosting companies

Hereunder are the other hosting services providers whose servers are powered by LiteSpeed server. The popular LiteSpeed cache plugin can be used on any of these hosts, including the ones that are listed atop the list.

  • Turhost
  • Genious host
  • ServerFreak
  • CrocWeb host
  • FullHost
  • Ideal hosting
  • Steadfast host
  • Netorigin host
  • Mixhost
  • HostVision
  • Webhostpython
  • Tropical Server
  • Fusioned Host
  • NetGrow Host
  • HostWithLove
  • iWF Hosting / H4Y Technologies LLC

Our Hosting Recommendations

While we typically recommend LiteSpeed SSD hosts, it is important to understand that as every business is peculiar, so are their hosting needs. For Cloud SSD hosting, we recommend any of Cloudways, LiquidWeb, or KnownHost.

For WordPress hosting, we recommend SiteGround, A2 WP, or Kinsta. MDD Hosting, Stablehost, and Squidix are what we recommend for shared/business hosting. The only exception is simple/basic websites such as – a website for a local Coffee shop, hair salon, clothing alteration/Tailor shop, etc. where a very cheap hosting service such as the shared hosting plan from NameCheap can be used.

For unmanaged SSD VPS hosting plans, we recommend any of Vultr, Digital Ocean, or Linode.

Do you have an excellent hosting company you have used and would like to recommend to our readers? Share them with us below, also feel free to ask us questions about hosting, LiteSpeed server, etc.

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