Meet Lazelight: A Dim Light TV Viewing Enhancement Gadget

Lazelight, a gadget that's poised to enhance your dim light TV viewing experience is set to launch on Indiegogo. It is a portable TV/PVR remote control rechargeable mini LED torch that would not only illuminate the remote controls and...

Diggro X3 Smart Bracelet Review: the best Under $30 Health Gadget?

In these recent times, smart devices, mobile gadgets, and portable mobile accessories are becoming very popular. There's hardly a household without one or two of such portable gadgets. Diggro X3 Smart Bracelet is one of such modern gadgets.  In...

Storm Cat 800W/900W 2 HP Portable Generator Review

I decided to write a review on StormCat 800W/900W 2 horsepower (HP) 3600 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) super-portable two-stroke engine Generator after about a month of active usage. This is the second portable generator I have purchased since moving down to...

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