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Storm Cat 800W/900W 2 HP Portable Generator Review

I decided to write a review on StormCat 800W/900W 2 horsepower (HP) 3600 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) super-portable two-stroke engine Generator after about a month of active usage.

This is the second portable generator I have purchased since moving down to the east. The first was a Tiger max 800W  portable generator with about 4hrs run time.

Storm Cat (harbor freight) portable generator rated 800 Watts and Max 900 Watts goes conveniently with all my devices including a student-sized mini-refrigerator.

It is one of the best Portable gas engine generators out there with up to 7 amperes output and run-time of about 5 hours. Small power tools and appliances with me have all worked very conveniently with it.
StormCat portable Generator


The Storm Cat 800W/900W 2 HP 3600 RPM super-portable two stroke engine generator features:

  • 220 VAC / 60Hz /7A Rated Output
  • 63cc air-cooled OHV gas engine
  • Fuel Economy
  • 5 hours run-time @ 50% capacity
  • Recoil start
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • 50:1 gas/oil mix ratio
  • 1.1 gallon fuel tank
  • 7 amp output


The Storm Cat 800W/900W 2 HP 3600 RPM portable two stroke engine generator officially distributed by Harbor Freight Tools, Camarillo, CA can conveniently and effectively power:

  • 1/4 HP air compressor 600W/900w
  • 1/6 HP motor 500W/800W
  • 4/8″ drill 4ooW/600W
  • Mini refrigerator 400W/700W
  • Table/box fan 200w
  • 15 Amp battery charger 380W
  • String Trimmer 350W
  • Hedge Trimmer 5ooW
  • Radio 50-200W
  • up to 13 60 watts light bulbs 780W
  • Tv, DVD player, PCs  and other small power tools

My Verdict and Experiences

The Storm Cat (officially distributed by harbor freight) 900 Peak/800 Running Watts portable 2 horsepower 2 stroke gas engine generator has so far worked very efficiently for all my electronic devices including the student-sized mini-refrigerator.

Before use, I bought the 1 litre sealed 2 cycle engine oil and mixed properly with fuel following the guide contained in the manual, watched it closely for stability before connecting my electronic appliances.

I haven’t had any issue with the machine yet and can easily recommend the brand alike to friends and acquaintances.


The official price of the Storm Cat two-stroke engine portable generator from the official distributor’s website is $129.99 but I bought mine for N16,000 ($99) at Asa road, Aba.

With this, we can conclude that a person with 14,000 – 18,000 Nigerian Naira (N) can buy the generator a brand new.

Update! December 2016.

This portable generator is still working great after more than 2 years of active usage. Only regular maintenance and cleaning, no serious repair till date. It is safe to recommend their products as one of the most durable and reliable options to go with.

Storm Cat 800W/900W 2 HP Portable Generator $129.9


Storm Cat 800W/900W 2 HP Portable Generator is A 900 Peak/800 Running Watts portable 2 horsepower, 3600 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), 2 stroke gas engine portable generator.

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