TCL S6500 Android Smart TV Review: Good Deal or Waste of Money?

Smart TVs are a good option for techies and non-techies alike, but smarter TVs, such as AI-powered Android TVs, are "a much better option" for viewers of all classes. There is no doubt that you can use TV boxes...

15 of the Best Ways to Watch TV without Cable

Of course, it is very much possible to watch TV without cable. Technology has provided us with a variety of alternatives to expensive cable TV subscriptions and services. Already, quite a lot of people see the use of outdoor...

13 of the Best Soundbar that Works with Alexa

Most modern TVs we use these days don't have built-in speakers; thus, a soundbar is needed to use with the TV in order to enjoy quality sounds from your playback or favorite channels. Soundbars are pretty much compatible; they...

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