You can Now Retract Messages on BBM

There comes a situation where you mistakenly send a wrong message to the wrong person and then, You create yourself a platform to pour out series of explanation so as to prove your point. In a situation like that, the victim might understand or he/she wouldn’t. I think that is a problem blackberry is trying to solve as they released an update that can let you now retract messages on BBM.
The main new feature here is message retraction. You can now retract messages after sending them, or even edit them. This can be useful if you sent something by mistake and don’t wish the other person to see it. This works in one on one chats as well as group chats.
Another great feature the BBM team is rolling out, is the Timed message feature. With this, messages that have been read will automatically delete within a time space and once the recipient must have seen them.
Though the timed message feature have been on, it was restricted to only users who opted in for the paid add-on on BBM. Now every blackberry users should be flexing this feature.
Other additions that have been made free includes:

  1. Ability to mute Group chats
  2. Scrolling through pictures sent over groups and chats
  3. Ability to save images captured within the app
  4. Larger Videos on iOS
  5. Redesigned UI on iOS
  6. Check multiple messages to delete, Forward or retract
  7. Android 6.0 Support

What is your take on these free features?

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