2015 Acura NSX New Concept Spotted! See Photos

The new Acura NSX  hybrid-electric supercar is set to be released by 2015 as revealed by Acura at the Detroit auto show. Being one of the forerunners in churning out brilliant automotives, Acura is has made it clear that the...

The fastest Production car in the world – infographics

Since the first production car ever made in 1894, the Benz Velo which reached a top speed of 12mph, cars have been getting faster and faster fueling mans need for speed. In 1959 we saw the Aston Martin DB4 GT...

How Far Have We Come With Mobile Internet In Cars?

As more companies offer connected car services in new models, the era when a buyer was concerned with radio reception and FM audio quality is quickly drawing to a close. In its place, consumers are concerned with how the...

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