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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review: My Expert View & Experiences

Samsung Galaxy S3


an android smart phone from Samsung Electronics

If you are considering purchasing a new handset, regardless of the make and model, it is always useful to know a little bit about how it performs.  Going on the website of the actual device is a good idea to familiarize yourself with what it can and can’t do, but you are never going to be told the truth about the phone.  After all, a manufacturer is never going to point out its flaws.  This is why honest reviews, by real, independent, and unbiased users, are so important.  So what do real users tell us about the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB in blue?

The Bad

Let’s start on a low note and end on a high note for a change.  There seems to be a recurring problem with this device, which seems to be that hairline cracks develop on the bezel.  This happens below the button for the headphone, as well as just underneath the power button.  Both users and tech journalists have reported on this issue.

Another problem is that when it is taken back to a service center for this problem, they often refuse to repair it, stating that it was caused by not being careful with the device.  It seems, however, that if this is a recurring problem, there is a suggestion that the problem lies not with the users, but rather with the device itself.

We also know that the backing of the Samsung is plastic and that it is quite flimsy.  Take the backing off to put in your microSD card and you will soon experience just how flimsy the plastic actually is.  Many have been left with a really bitter taste in their mouth, paying quite a high amount for a phone that essentially scratches and breaks.

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The Good

Now the bad is out of the way, let’s talk about the good.  We have to be honest: this phone is the bee’s knees.  It is for good reason that many people think this phone is way better than the iPhone 5.  It is simply a fantastic device, with the most amazing features.  The speed is unsurpassed, the screen images are crisp and clear, both in sunlight and in the dark, and it has fantastic software and hardware.

Indeed, it is a big phone and perhaps not suitable for people with tiny hands.  However, perhaps there is a scope for people that do have tiny hands to just use both hands on this device.  After all, we are bombarded again and again with news reports that our thumbs are devolving into our fingers once again because of the way we use phones.  The Galaxy phones, regardless of which model, are truly fantastic.

Another huge benefit is that this phone is affordable compared to other devices.  When we consider that this is the most popular device on the market today, it is not a lot more expensive than devices that perform well below par in comparison.  Best of all, as time goes on, the price is dropping as well.

The Top 5 Features Of Samsung Galaxy S3

Nowadays the one phone everybody wants to get their hands on is the Samsung Galaxy S3. One of the major tech releases of the year 2012, it is a super sleek power-packed Android smartphone with exceptional features. It is user-friendly and highly advanced, which makes it a unique experience for accessibility to the world in your palms. It brings you a whole new level of technology satisfaction.

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Why Samsung Galaxy S3?

Unique design

So what is it about this phone that gets you addicted? Its super slim line base makes it easy to carry it or stuff anywhere and everywhere. For fashion icons this phone blends in with their style. You can watch you favorite sitcom in dazzling full HD on a large screen. All the latest apps and games with high performance are available on Samsung Galaxy S3. Its intuitive smart features and elegant design make it feel natural and human like, hence the caption “designed for humans”.

Extended memory and speed

Not just the looks it can do a lot more. It supports expandable memory storage up to 64GB which is a huge amount of data. The operating system is Android (4.0) with good processing speed, which not only makes it faster but also reduces the battery consumption. The 2GB RAM allows smoother multitasking.

Capture your smile

The rear camera resolution is 8 Megapixels which makes pictures look real. It will make sure you will never miss a smile or the best scenery. You can share your pictures across the globe faster using Samsung Galaxy S3. The screen resolution of 1280×720 provides an amazing display of videos, photos. One of the most noticeable features is the multi-picture burst which enables the user to click eight images in a sequence and choose the best one.

Watch, play, and more

One another interesting feature is the Popup Play which permits the user to multitask i.e. to circle the video clips to other tasks simultaneously without putting the function on standby mode. The smart stay feature automatically recognizes when you are looking at the phone and maintains the bright display for continued display. The S-Beam makes it easy to share you contents with friends – easy, quick and fun. It helps you integrate with Wi-Fi which is really cool.

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You want to keep track of your friends and loved ones? Well, social tag lets you link you photos with social media. The direct call lets you call your friend without fumbling through the call logs or contacts.

Talk to your phone

Tell your phone what to do. Say the word and it answers or declines a call, turns your music on/off and even directs your camera to take a picture and it would do it all in a blink of an eye. It provides you a vibrating nudge about your calls and texts so that you don’t miss on anything important. During festive season you can grab the best deals for Samsung Galaxy S3 mobiles as it is among the best Android smart phones available in the market.



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