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Top Best Rooting Tools for Samsung Galaxy & Qualcomm Devices

So our guide on top best rooting software and root without PC apps has gained lots of comments with some persons complaining of their inability to root Samsung galaxy and other high-end Qaulcomm devices. We thought it necessary to create this guide because of the poor success-rate reported by users of newer models of Samsung Galaxy phones and tablet devices.

Samsung galaxy note, smartphone and tablet devices is normally powered by the award-winning Qaulcomm processors that powers that of iOS too (see how to Jailbreak iOS devices here).

So we’ll be sharing these top methods to use for granting root access to Samsung galaxy smartphones, phablets and tablet devices. Some of these rooting methods can be used for HTC, high-end Huawei and Motorola smartphones.

Ping pong root

Ping pong root apk is an app created solely for rooting Samsung galaxy s6 and Samsung galaxy s6 Edge smartphone. It’s creation, development, updates and distribution is 100% credited to the ever-awesome team at xda-developers Forum.

Ping pong root is apt and flawless for getting root access on Samsung galaxy S6/S6 Edge smartphones (powered by Android 5.0 lollipop and Qaulcomm C.P.U).

How to Root Android with Ping Pong Root Apk

Ping pong root apk

The steps to root a Samsung galaxy S6 device with Ping pong root app is similar to the ones listed above. All you need do is follow after the following pattern.

  • Enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Download and install the SuperSU app from Google play store or from a 3ptechies upload here.
  • Download¬†Ping pong root apk from here and copy it to your phone’s internal memory.
  • Install and run Ping pong root. Allow it to install superSU/binaries.
  • Run superSU once to activate it, ignore the error message prompt (after app closure) and return to Ping pong root app main screen.
  • Launch it and click on download data (assuming that your device is already connected to the internet).
  • Click on get root to complete the Ping pong rooting method processes. Accept every permission message prompt and reboot device once the operation is completed successfully.

Odin Rooting Tool

Odin is an award-winning tool for installing official ROMs, customs ROMs, modified firmware MODs and etc. to Samsung devices.

It can be used to install a root-injected ROM to every Samsung device, thereby granting a root access to it in a few minutes. The procedure for rooting with Odin is complex and should only be attempted by advanced users.

To root with Odin, you’ll need hit the search engines with your “Samsung device model + Odin rooting method”. Eg; Odin rooting method for Samsung galaxy note 10.1.


WeakSauce is a popular rooting tool for HTC smartphone and devices. It is one of the best option for rooting HTC One M8 and similar HTC devices.

We have used it a few time and can confidently recommend this rooting tool to owners of HTC one M8 and similar devices with Qaulcomm processor powering it. You can easily download WeakSauce from this URL.

CF-Auto-Root Method

CF-Auto-Root is a perfect alternative to ping pong root apk. It has support for a range of Samsung galaxy, HTC, Sony and Google Nexus devices.

In fact, it is an app built for rooting high-end Qualcomm-powered Android devices. You can download and root with CF-Auto-Root app by following after the tips and download links found at cfautoroot.com.

Note: For most Samsung galaxy devices, a combination of Odin plus CF-Auto-Root is the best rooting method. This is because it installs the award-winning super-SU root administration app in place of superuser, rootmaster, and other root privilege management apps that has too many limitations.

This method is also preferred for newer Samsung Galaxy phones and devices because of the developer’s reputation, age and capabilities of these awesome rooting suite.

Prefers a Rooting App that isn’t Free?

Except you’re a one-off user of Android, I don’t see using paid apps for rooting as a viable option. This is because, rooting is fun and usually repeated on new devices.

Besides, Android is an open source operating system that encourages independent contributors. There’s the possibility of getting root compatibility Free for your new device; as long as you’re willing to wait.

But if you are the type that prefers using a paid app for rooting and/or technical part of Android tweaking, I’ll recommend the paid rooting solution from one click.

This method is simpler as they would take you by the hand and root your desired Android phone risk-free. To subscribe to this service; simply download their rooting app free from https://bit.ly/2w9UQdU & follow after the screen prompt.

They offer VIP Support for each device you root with their app.


  1. is there any way to unroot the rooted device. i have oppo f3 plus and i rooted my phone by seeing steps on gadgets pit. but i want to unroot now beacuse tez is not working on rooted device. please tell me how to unroot it ?


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