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5 Differences between businesses that do and do not fair well against hackers

There are 2 types of businesses in the online world right now; those that deal with hackers extremely well and those that end up being victims. But what are the differences that caused this distinction between these categories of companies? Find out more in this blog.

fair well against hackers

Being selective about their hosting

The first difference lies in how selective a company is about its hosting choices. Companies that aren’t that selective usually go for the cheapest hosting provider out there. The result? Lackluster hosting that leaves them wide open for cyber attacks.

Companies that take their time in selecting a hosting provider, will have a much higher chance of being protected from hackers. Are you looking for a dependable hosting provider? Click here for more information.

Proactive vs reactive

The second difference between companies that are victims of cyber attacks and those that aren’t is their approach to cybersecurity. Doctors always recommend their patience to prevent diseases from occurring instead of having them try to cure them.

The same goes for cybersecurity. A proactive approach will result in being prepared for cyber threats, while a reactive approach means you will always be one step behind a hacker.

How much they invest in cybersecurity

investing in cybersecurity

Investment is another criterion that showcases which companies do and do not fair well against cybersecurity threats. Generally, the more you invest in cybersecurity, the more protected you will be. But what does this include exactly? Think of investment in technologies, training for employees, and having a dedicated cybersecurity team.

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Would you like to be less likely to suffer from cyber-attacks? Then make sure to prioritize cybersecurity and allocate sufficient resources towards this.

Quality of employees

The quality of employees is a well-known reason for some companies to have never been hacked compared to others that get hacked on a frequent basis. If employees are well trained, they will be able to recognize when they received an email from an untrustworthy source.

On the other hand, untrained employees will simply click on the link and cause a lot of damage. Would you like a company that isn’t bothered by cyber attacks? Then make sure that your employees receive frequent training on this matter.

Having a response plan

invest in cybersecurity

Finally, having a response plan makes a huge difference in how well you can defend your company against a cyber attack. The best response plan is created by hiring a cybersecurity expert and having him or her suggest measures to take if someone has hacked your company.

This will prevent you from making mistakes out of panic and desperation, resulting in your company dealing with this crisis in a much better way.



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