Freedom 251 Saga: 30000 People Already Ordered For The World's Cheapest SmartPhone

This is becoming more intriguing and interesting as the Freedom 251 Saga continues while i watch with my popcorn really. Less than a week ago, Ringing Bells stated that they would be shipping out the 2.5 million device that had been pre-ordered on a first come first serve basis, but it turns out that there’s quite a bit more to the story.
Based on the latest interview with the company, 30,000 smartphones have already been ordered which the company claims to have received payment for. However, the company doesn’t appear to have any finished stock to sell and won’t be manufacturing the phones in India either.
Ringing Bells, the company that sells the Freedom 251, confirmed that it will be importing components to fulfil its huge batch of pre-orders, including the first 30,000 confirmed sales, and will then be “assembling” the phones in India. The first actual Freedom 251 handsets spotted in the flesh turned out to be Adcom Ikon 4s imported directly from China. As a result, the Indian government has already become involved to investigate why the Freedom 251 does not have a Bureau of Indian Standards certificate.

“We don’t have the manufacturing unit yet, so of course we can’t start making these fully in India right now … We will be importing the parts right now, but we will assemble fully in India, and in six to eight months, we will be in a position to start making fully in India,” – Ringing Bells spokesperson”

On the issue of imports, Ringing Bells had made a big deal about manufacturing the phone and incorporating the “Made in India” tagline adopted by a wide range of other manufacturers. The company, does not seem to have much interest on the advertising aspect on the phone as they intend not to go fully into manufacturing in indi once it actually has a manufacturing line setup.
The company though isn’t above dodging advertising, Ringing Bells had previously posted quite a misleading picture of the phone on its website, which was eventually replaced by the actual model. Furthermore, the company doesn’t have a clear answer for how it will be able to meet its 4$ price point and turn a profit, other than that it eventually hopes to avoid import duties and make use of economies of scale by manufacturing directly in India.
On the Happy side of things, the next 2.5 million customers, will be able to “pay on delivery” for the phone, at least those who don’t have a payment link, will.Unfortunately, there have not been any word on the 30,000 customers who already ordered for the phone as regards to refund if eventually it does not fall to what they were expecting.
So Android Kings/Queens, What is your take on this? Do You think they really know what they are doing? tell us using the comment box.

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