Meet Skits: The Android App That Pays You For being Social

Social Media, have obviously become a trendy stuff in this modern times. Over millions of people visit Facebook,Twitter, YouTube,Google+ and so many more daily. Looking at this, one may think that the social media space is already occupied and obviously do not need more “Habitats“. But then, an Android app with a difference is trying to prove us wrong. Ladies and Gentle Men, i introduce to you, Skits: The Android App That pays you for being social; You read that right. Skits will actually pay you for interacting with friends.
Skits is an app that allows you to create and/or promotes fun videos for brands while earning money real time. It is also the first social commerce app in Nigeria.
As it stands, Skits can only be enjoyed by Android users,while the iOS app is currently in development but then, anyone can partake in the money enjoyment as you can also earn by promoting videos from the site Here
You can Download the Skits Android App Here

How The Skits Android App Work

  1. Brands create campaigns using the Skits dashboard.
  2. Users download the Skits mobile app and follow brands to discover new campaigns. Users may also discover campaigns through the brands’ marketing.
  3. Users create fun videos using the app and submit to the campaigns.
  4. The brands (say, OMO, for example) select and feature videos that appeal to them the most. Brands can feature numerous videos.
  5. Once a brand features a video, users on Skits can promote the video to start earning coins while the creator of the video earns 10 coins each time the video is promoted.
  6. Coin balances below 5,000 can be redeemed as mobile airtime while balances of 5,000 and above can be redeemed for cash. Each coin is equivalent to N1.
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Image Credits: Miss Techy

Skits Android App
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