How to get more facebook shares – [infographics]

2013 has seen facebook grow as one of the most used social networking platform ever.  With the shocking rise of myspace in the later part of 2013 and the increasing popularity of  twitter in Nigeria and other third world countries, it is only wise for us to take a glance through an infographic created earlier in 2013 by one Mari Smith, a mega social media analyst explaining with details; how to boost facebook shares and fans engagement.

The infogrpahic clearly detailed 14 different ways to copiously boost your Facebook visibility and impel more SHARES. Following up with the tips up there has really helped a lot of persons awesomely which actually propelled me to sharing it once again with you, this will help you enforce more fun and engagement in your facebook walls, groups you own, pages you manage and other persons group as well.

Do not forget to drop your feedback as well as other tips to help boost social media engagement in 2014.

how to get facebbok shares


  1. This is indeed a great and very helpful infographic,as Facebook is the #1 social networking site social share in here matters a lot.

  2. The biggest issue with FB now, is that only 10-15% of your audience sees your posts.. Other than that they are awesome.

  3. nice post here Obasi, and really useful for many of us!


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