Google is Saying a good bye to Project Ara

Sometime this year, we saw the rise of modular smartphones and as i suggested, it was the next big thing (Actually what i though) following the likes of LG, Sony, and other goons in the ministry who tried following the steps of the search engine giant. Fortunately, This might be the last time you might be hearing the Project Ara, being called along side Google following what we have at hand.
Reports coming in has it that Google would be saying a good bye to project Ara :( ,sadly . Google Ara, which happen to have been on for a while now, starting from when it was under a subsidiary partnership with  Motorola Mobility’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team who were behind the fruition of the lego-like smartphone building project. And then, and then and then, the development kicked off which up till now which happens to be the last days of the Google Project Ara.
Early last month, Google talked about releasing a developer version of the Project Ara, which apparently made us believe the Modular Smartphone issh would coming in anyway. May be, our optimisms where wrong (Though to some extent) as Google might no longer be handling the project, except if they hand it over to another company, only then we might see the Modular Smartphone but one thing is certain, it probably would not be branded/licensed to/under Google when it finally comes out.
If i would suggest, i did say, we shouldn’t cut all hopes, definitely not now as there are chances the Modular Smartphone under Google might still hit the market.
What do you think?

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